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Physical Therapy: Regain mobility without surgery

For most people, physical therapy is not on their priority list. Most people today prefer surgery over physical therapy, thinking that surgery will treat the problem effectively and much faster. But, most of the primary doctors refer their patients to the best physiotherapist if they feel that the health issue can be solved without the need for surgery. They think that physical therapy is a more effective course of treatment. 

Physical therapy is best for those who have certain medical conditions that limit their ability to move appropriately or perform routine functions. 


Customized physical therapy helps patients reach their prior level of functioning, prevent any further injuries and also improve their overall wellbeing. Physical therapy offers a lot of benefits to patients. If you have been prescribed physical therapy and are confused if it is the right choice for you, here are some of the top reasons how physical therapy can benefit you –


Helps Manage Pain

Chronic pain can be hard to manage, primarily if the underlying cause of the problem is still being evaluated. Proper physical therapy can help mobilize joint movements and restore muscle functions. It helps in reducing the pain and prevents it from occurring again. If you have been experiencing pain that does not seem to go away, it is best to seek the help of a physiotherapist.


Improve Mobility and Body Balance

Just after a big surgery, mobility can be affected to a great extent. Getting back on their feet soon after surgery can be difficult. Simple tasks such as eating, using the washroom, or balancing the body can be challenging. The best physiotherapists recommend physical therapy after surgery helps with mobility and allows people to get their balance back. It helps with body parts coordination and helps patients get back to their original routine sooner.


Prevent Surgery

Even though surgery might be needed in most cases, there are few cases where surgery can be avoided. With proper physical therapy, pain can be eliminated; physical health improved and helps in quick recovery. When the injured tissues and muscles are healed with physical therapy, there is no need to opt for surgery. According to a few of the best physiotherapists, if you have already had surgery, physical therapy can help you recover from it much faster.


Prevent Further Injuries

One of the aspects of physical therapy is to identify the weaker body parts and strengthen them. It is most likely in these areas where you might be prone to injuries. By carefully analyzing these areas and with target therapy, you will be able to strengthen the muscle and bone joints, thus preventing any further damage.


Prevent Dependence on Pain Medicines

Often people with constant body pain or those who have undergone surgery are prescribed pain medication to ease the pain. If you have been taking pain medicines, you will know that it can become easy for you to become dependent on them. It prevents you from seeking a safe and alternative method of addressing the pain. With physical therapy, you can work on the underlying problem and lower your dependence on pain medications.


Help Tackle General Health Problems in Seniors

As we age, many age-related health problems can occur, such as arthritis, joint pains, and others. Physical therapy helps seniors by providing them with an alternative and a much safer way to look after their bodies without needing to undergo easily avoidable surgeries. It has also proven to help people with cardiac problems.


Recover Original Capabilities

Often with time, we lose out original capabilities of our bodies. With continuous physical therapy, it can be restored and allow you to improve your fitness level and your overall health. You need to remember that it might not happen overnight, but you will see results within a matter of a few months.


Help Manage Diabetes and Other Conditions

People with diabetes and other vascular conditions are often prescribed with physical therapy to help them manage their symptoms. People can control their body weight and also their blood sugar level with such treatment. Physical therapy, along with proper medications, can improve the lives of people who are living with severe conditions that affect their lives.


Physical therapy is an alternative course of treatment and is much more useful than surgery in many cases. It is essential to speak to your primary doctor about the benefits that you can enjoy by opting for it. 


You should consult with the best physiotherapist accessible who can understand your specific needs and suggest a physical therapy program that is most appropriate for you. 


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