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Physiogel : The Better Facial Wash for Sensitive Skin

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to a Cervical Cancer Advocacy Campaign by Glaxosmith-Kline and lo-behold we were given a goodie bag filled with Physiogel products to try! At first I was hesitant to try out a product for sensitive skin because previously when I used this certain brand, it does not rinse of very well and leaves my skin feeling clogged. The following day. PIMPLES.
Surprisingly, when using Physiogel Cleanser, it does not leave the skin feeling taut or dry. It feels soft and plump to touch. You can picture the sound of *boing*boing* when pressing your cheeks. Here’s the good part. Use a toner on a cotton ball. Run across your face, and look again. Physiogel Cleanser does not leave any residue and rinses off completely without drying your skin.
Not sounding like a sellout but I do believe in this product and will purchase with my own money if ever I run out 🙂


Sensitive skin is characterized by subjective complaints of discomfort without predictable classical visible signs
of irritation and without an immunologic response. Dry, sensitive skin is also caused by a damaged skin barrier; water tends to escape and cause dry skin.
Experts know that sensitive skin requires special care and attention. Most often than not, they recommend
Physiogel moisturizers from Stiefel, a GSK Company Physiogel is equipped with the revolutionary Derma Membrane Structure (DMS) Technology, which is formulated to resemble the natural building blocks of the skin to effectively help repair the skin barrier and help prevent moisture loss.
Run-of-the-mill or conventional moisturizers may only mask skin dryness to lend it transitory moisture, which can easily be washed off by rinsing or washing. Physiogel, however, hydrates and keeps skin moisturized by mimicking the natural lipid composition of the skin for up to three days even with washing or bathing
Physiogel is an extraordinary way to moisturize because unlike conventional moisturizers, it doesn’t get washed off
when rinsed. Why? It mimics the natural lipids of the skin and locks in moisture, that’s why it is clinically proven for softer, smoother, moisturized skin that lasts longer. Physiogel Cream is non-comedogenic, and it’s ideal for the face. Physiogel Lotion is for larger body surface areas and has a lightweight feel.
Physiogel AI Cream or Lotion is the moisturizer for those with irritation, itchiness and/or redness of the skin
while Physiogel Cleanser is a gentle moisturizing cleanser, is mild and hypoallergenic. More so, prices of Physiogel have been reduced by as much as 29%.

The Physiogel Team


Physiogel Cleanser: Php220.00 for the 100ml bottle.
Physiogel Cream: Php555.00 for the 75ml tube.
Physiogel Lotion: Php895.00 for the 200ml bottle.
They are also available in sachet

For more information, visit or


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  • Carina Spires

    Good Day,

    I would like to purchase the Phisiogel Cream (Stiefel), I am from South Africa, KZN,

    How can I purchase this product?

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