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Yabu House of Katsu Food Review

I didn’t enjoy the first time I ate at Yabu House of Katsu last February. But it was probably due to the fact that I was very distracted and that time and felt like all food tastes just the same. So being in megamall last week, I decided to give it another try,  this time trying out their most premium pork katsu they’ve been very very proud of. My sister accompanied me for a magazine interview on BB Creams and a personal article.

They seemed to have made their area bigger

I ordered this one to see if it indeed makes a difference



The added novelty of making your own mix of dipping sauce using a wood can make eating their more special

Although my sister and I agree their tonkatsu sauce is too sour for our taste no matter what combination we try

They present the food well and I like how they serve the katsu on top of a wire mesh to prevent the grease from soaking up in the breading which is the common cause of katsu-sogging

Meat is really tender and you can really taste that clean pork fat taste. Breading is right, crispy and not too oily. But I still firmly believe they are overpriced.

Make your trip worth it and load up on unlimited cabbage LOL it’s very yummy because of their special mayo/sesame sauce (the white one)
Will I eat here again? Yes! Definitely! This one is an A+++ in my books as the best Katsu in the Philippines 🙂

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