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Silka Papaya Soap Review

As one of the most advertised papaya soap, endorsed by celebrities like Erich Gonzales and Iya Villana; Silka Papaya Soap is a popular choice among Filipina women. It’s also one of the more affordable one. But is it effective?


Compared to other whitening soaps, results of using this one will take a while. A few months even. It’s active ingredients being papaya enzyme, vitamin E, and salicylic acid. But probably with a lower content that’s why it’s cheap. The nice thing about this papaya soap is that it doesnt dry out your skin and leaves a long lasting fruity fragrance. Note that the fragrance can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your skin sensitivity. I stopped using this as a face soap after I noticed some pimples on my face. It’s safe to use for your body though. It might be the mineral oil and vitamin E that causes the acne.