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[PR] Crocs Stretch Sole: Designed to Fit Your Lifestyle


The world’s favorite comfortable shoe brand, Crocs, introduces

yet another innovative product that will complement your active lifestyle.1

its Spring/Summer 2014 Collection, Crocs is introducing the Stretch Sole collection

featuring flats and loafers for men and women on the go.

The Stretch Sole range is the

first of its kind to include the innovative, new Fit2u TechnologyTM.

With Fit2u TechnologyTM, the shoe is able to fit, and flex according to the way your feet

moves within the day. What makes the Sole Stretch range unique is that it is enhanced

with the signature comfort of CrosliteTM material insoles, and is built with a stretch cord

and a four-way stretch canvas upper to maximize the stretch and flexibility of the shoe.

The Stretch Sole collection was developed for people with active lifestyles. For the ones

on-the-go, attending errands, going to work, or even hanging out with your loved ones,

it’s made for you to walk comfortably as you go about with your daily activities.

No other shoe fits, flexes, and frees your feet just like the Stretch Sole. The perfect

match of the removable CrosliteTM material insole and outsole pods allows you to flex,

stretch, run, and walk while providing cushion all day long, taking comfort to a whole new


Aside from taking care of the insides of your feet, its bright and neutral colors make it

a stylish design that you can wear everywhere. Women will surely enjoy choosing from

the different brightly colored flats, while men have different loafer options to choose from

that are perfect for both work and play.

The Stretch Sole was designed for life’s every unexpected twist and turn, while providing

the best comfort available only from your go-to comfort footwear brand, Crocs.


Press Release provided by Crocs Philippines. Info shared for my readers. 🙂

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