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Product Review: Kracie FUWARINKA Beauty Rose Candy

Ah… another beauty supplement for review. But this one is confusing. Is it a candy with vitamins? Or is it candy-flavored vitamins? Today on KikaySiKat! I’ll be reviewing a super delicious treat from the land of anime and robots! Japan! The Kracie FUWARINKA Beauty Rose Candy

Where to buy and how much? Amazon (18USD for a bag of 10) or Shopee (160php for 1 pack of 12 balls)

Anything related to keeping my skin at its best I would try anything once! Even rose-flavored candy~ That’s why when I first saw this on my social media feed that it’s already available in the Philippines, I ordered a pack right away (together with other Thai Beauty Products). It’s so freaking cheap at 160 for a pouch of 10 candies!


Kracie FUWARINKA Beauty Rose Candy Description

Kracie FUWARINKA Beauty Rose Candy
Kracie FUWARINKA Beauty Rose Candy

It claims to:

  • eliminate body odor
  • freshen breath
  • makes your skin smell like roses
  • has hyaluronic acid, collagen, and vitamin C for skin

Get beautiful skin while enjoying a sweet treat with these healthy rose-flavored candy balls! For fragrant breath and body. Contains damask rose oil, collagen, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin C. Fuwarinka literally means “Fluffy (fuwa) Flower (rinka)”, the candies are soft and it have a rosy scent.

This soft rose fragranced candy use real rose extracts to deliver an accurate flavor and specially made for women to eliminate the body odor, letting you smell like a walking rose. It’s enriched with damask rose oil, collagen hyaluronic acid (HA) and vitamin C to aid in better collagen absorption. All of these ingredients that have been found beneficial for our skin.

Each foil re-sealable pack contains 12pcs.


Kracie FUWARINKA Beauty Rose Candy Ingredients

Ingredients: Sugar, dextrin, vegetable oil, reduced syrup, gelatin, starch / sorbitol, acidulant, vitamin C, paste (gum arabic) Perfume, emulsifier, coloring matter (anthocyanin, gardenia), hyaluronic acid


Kracie FUWARINKA Beauty Rose Candy Review

You can see the pink foil packaging is attractive enough for any woman to grab a pouch when they spot one. You also won’t think twice in trying this because compared to other beauty supplements, this is one of the cheaper ones at 160php or 1.5usd per pouch.

The taste? Imagine eating rose-flavored skittles. It’s got that nice sweet tart going on with strong fragrance of roses. It doesn’t taste weird at all! I actually love how it tastes. The recommended dosage is 1-2 rose balls per day. So even if it’s yummy don’t over-do it okay?

Now for the claims. It says to make you as fragrant as damask roses. I finished 3 whole packs and… I don’t notice any change in my body odor or the texture of my skin? Your breath will defintely smell like roses because it is rose flavored candy HAHAHA!

It didn’t inform us how many packs we should ingest for it to take effect. Now there are other damask rose supplements that you can buy in your health stores. With even higher mg of rose extracts and noticeable effects.

Will I buy again?

Yes. But I’d treat it as candy + benefits. Rather than a vitamin on its own. It tastes gooooooooood and I’ll surely crave for its flavor once in a while 😉









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