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Trending Thailand Beauty Products You Should Try!

Asian beauty products. From KBeauty to JBeauty, even western brands are taking notes and are starting to join the trend. This time around, we’re going to talk about THAI BEAUTY PRODUCTS! Should we start calling it TBeauty? Because thai beauty products are slowly gaining momentum, entering the global cosmetic industry by storm!

WHERE TO BUY? CHIMIYUKI Store at Shopee (or any resellers)

Hi! I did a mini-haul a month ago filled with trending thai beauty products that I keep seeing on my facebook feed. It comes in all assortments; from bust-enhancing soaps, chewable bulgarian rose supplements, snail white whipp soap, underarm whitening cream, to even powdered toothpaste!

I’ve already tried them all and would write an individual blog post on the products that deserve one. Anyway, I curated this list instead to keep track, because there are times that I forget I already bought a certain item and end up reviewing it twice (case in point: Shulammite Placenta Soap)

Trending Thailand Beauty Products You Should Try!

#1 Snail White Gluta Healthy Whip Washing Foam

Based from the popular Snail White Whipp Soap popularized no other than the queen of all media Ms. Kris Aquino. This is supposed to be the travel-friendly version with the similar formulation.

#2 Japan Kracie FUWARINKA Beauty Rose Candy

Kracie’s Beauty Rose Candy is a delicious rose candy enriched with skin enhancing vitamins like; vitamin C, collagen, and hyaluronic acid. This is actually a Japanese product but also sold in Thailand (and where I buy my Thai Beauty Products). The candy is quite addicting and will write a separate detailed review for this!

#3 Snail White Gold SPF30++ Moisturizer

Snail White is on a roll on becoming one of my favorite asian beauty brand. It all started with the Snail White Whipp Soap craze! Y’all guys know how I’m addicted I am to sun protection so I ordered 2 sachets of Snail White Gold SPF30++ to try. It feels light, doesn’t have any white cast, and has skin-loving ingrdients. It’s an all in one day cream!

#4 DOOM Bust Enhancing Soap

At 100php, enclosed in a cheap foil tear-off packaging. Wala syang kwenta. It doesn’t work. Waste of money. This is one Thai Beauty Product you should not try. Pero sige if you’re stubborn go ahead, try a bar. Tell me if it works for you. Because I finished the entire soap on my chest and it’s still the same size. It didn’t even help lift.

#5 Thai Clove Toothpaste

Claims to whiten teeth, freshen breath, and protect teeth from harmful bacteria. This clove-based toothpaste from thailand in a unique pot/powder form. But it does create a nice foam when brushed on teeth. I didn’t notice any whitening on my teeth yet because I’m wearing braces. However it smells and tastes really nice!

Because it’s all-natural, this won’t aggrevate or give you nasty acne that most flouride based toothpaste gives.

#6 I-Doll Underarm Whitening Cream

This underarm whitening cream reminds me a lot of chin-chan su. Even the smell. When applied on your underarms it does give a temporary lightening effect that makes your armpits look whiter. With a few weeks of usage it does work on making your pits lighter.

Thai Beauty Series

On the next few days, I’ll be posting individual reviews of my favorites on the blog so do visit everyday! ^_^

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