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Happy Diet Delivery Food Review

Happy Diet Delivery Food. Yes I have a habit of placing food on my chair.
And we have another one to place on our Best Diet Delivery in Metro Manila list. This one hailing from Happy Diet Delivery. What makes them different from other diet delivery services around the metro? They offer custom requests at no extra costs.
Most diets have a template. Ok, 1,200 calories, whatever whatever let’s put it in there. With Happy Diet, they ask you what you need, what you want, and what are your goals and what you don’t like. I of course being the struggling muscle gainer that I am requested for a high protein diet and told them how much I abhor cilantro. They did not disappoint. I got the opportunity to try their service for 1 week and they gave me a protein packed diet. Look at the sample meals below. How huge the chicken breast part was and the food; tasty.
I never felt deprived with their service. Sure it costs a bit more than most of your diet delivery services at 2,000php/week but they do consider not making you starve at the same time.





As much as I would like to get their service once more, my darling home-chef John Castle gleefully prepares my meals I bring to work 🙂

How much? 2,000php/week
Where to order?
Where they deliver? Metro Manila

KikaySiKat Rating 5/5 Stars


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