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REVIEW: Cream Silk Fresh Hydration Hair Reborn Conditioner


I have a confession to make. In the shower, I just shampoo and skip the conditioner. Why? Conditioners are usually synonymous to stickiness whenever summer comes. Most formulations are too heavy to withstand the heat and humidity. Cream Silk sent me their limited edition Fresh Hydration Hair Reborn Conditioner to try. It claims to keep hair soft for 24 hours without the greasy feel. So how did it fare after my trial? Yes 24 hours. Hindi ako naligo kinabukasan (I did not immediately take a shower the following day) LOL



Cream Silk believes that every Filipina’s hair is unique which is why we created NEW Cream Silk with Advanced Hair Reborn Technology. It has customized formula with nutrients that penetrate and nourish every hair strand transform your hair to beyond beautiful. Fresh Hydration with Hydra-Collagen Complex is specifically designed to make rough, summer-dry hair feel fresh and hydrated. Transform your hair to feel hydrated from the first wash. *With up to 24 hours of long-lasting freshness without the greasy feel.

Price: P109 for 170ml and P197.50 for 340ml.




It comes in a bright sky blue tube with Elise Josson on the cover.


If you’re familiar with Ralph Lauren Blue, then this one’s for you. It’s reminiscent of that fresh, aquatic, and slightly fruit/floral fragrance. The scent lasted on my hair even the morning after (that I skipped the shower yes LOL)


It was cute that the product itself is also colored light blue!


Okay you guys, I really used this product to give you an honest review. Immediately after washing, my hair was easier to comb. and did not weight it down. I was wondering if it would really keep my hair soft like this for the rest of the day. I was expecting the humidity to make it stick together into clumps. Like it always does. However, around 11:20pm as of writing this. As I touched my hair it’s still as soft as when I washed it this morning. I even gave it a sniff and wow ang bango pa din! (still smells good)

I guess it really works. Looks like I’ve got a new staple in the shower this summer!


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