Review: Cyleina Black Pearl Soap

What? Cyleina Black Pearl Supreme Skin Whitening and Cooling Soap
How much? 120php
Where to buy? On-line and at Watson’s
I remember using this soap, and only this soap way back 4 years ago when I was working in Singapore. Whenever I go back to Manila, I hoard this stuff to take with me. It seemed like my holy grail soap. It was the time when the brand was fairly new and a lot of girls on GirlTalk are raving about it as the whitening soap to use! 
This was a photo of me and my friends in Singapore having a play-photoshoot at the Botanical Gardens. Looking back, I didn’t know I was chubby back then. I thought in that time I was slim. Hahaha.. Feelingera much! All I can remember is using this soap was very refreshing, and it seemed to calm down any irritations my skin was having. I also never got any pimples.
That’s why when I was browsing around Watson’s. I remembered this soap and immediately bought one! I have to use it again! It’s so good! It’s also high time that this baby gets reviewed.

Description: Inspired by the rare beauty of South Sea black pearls. Cyleina gives your skin a luminous clarity using premium skin-enhancing ingredients.


  • Collagen promotes a smooth, radiant, firm, and well hydrated skin
  • Licorice has anti-bacterial and natural skin whitening complex
  • Alpha Arbutin gently exfoliates dead skin cells and inhibit melanin production
  • Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant with excellent moisturizing properties
  • Infused with peppermint oil for antiseptic effect and added refreshing cooling sensation!
  • Hydrolized Pearl Extracts which speed up the generation of new skin cells

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  • Packaging – I like how everything is black. It stands out from the crowd of pink and orange box among its competition. The box has a matte finish and design that adds to its class
  • Price – At 120php, this is not your ordinary whitening soap. It’s mid-ranged, but you get what you pay for at quality.
  • Fragrance – It’s not fruity, it’s not floral. But my son says it smells like strawberries. For me it’s so faint and barely noticeable, albeit pleasant.
  • Ingredients – They used top notch ingredients worth to be raved by many. The cooling sensation is quite freshing, not overpowering. This might be the perfect whitening soap to use this summer! ^_^
  • Effectiveness – This is something ot be used in the long term to achieve maximum results. It will not significantly lighten your skin complexion but is effective in terms of brightening. After a month or so of using it, I noticed that my skin is tight, taught, and radiant upon using. Without any makeup on. One thing I don’t like about this soap is that it’s very hard to create a lather. It doesn’t bubble very well. This is a sign of your soaps purity. Cyleina Black Pearl soap is so pure it doesn’t have much of the fillers that make soap bubble.

Kikaysikat Tip: Use a loofa or face towel to create the lather you need when using this soap. It doesn’t foam very well.

☆☆☆☆  – 4 stars!

I hoped you enjoyed my review! Have you tried this black pearl soap from Cyleina? How about their other variants? Which one is your favorite so I can try it next!?


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