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Review: Dove Whitening Deodorant

Update: Commercial anti-persperants clog our pores causing dark spots and more. I’m no longer using this as a deodorant and opted for a more natural way to lighten and smoothen my underarms although I know it would take time. I would update you SOON

My husband has been using the Dove Stick deodorant for years now, while I have been switching brands. The last one I used was DeoNat when I was pregnant coz I found this one the safest to use. But after I’ve given birth and came back to work, I needed something with more odor and sweat protection.

I decided to get a dove deo of my own (unscented) without thinking about getting whitening benefits etc.
To my surprise, my husband noticed the difference. My dark underarms was significantly whiter! I can wear short sleeved tops with no worries! And this was not the whitening variant mind you.

I finished the whole stick in around a month, and bought the whitening variant unscented. I love how it doesnt stain my clothes, doesnt need to be dried out, not sticky, and feels like I have nothing on my underarms. It protects me the whole day from sweat and odor.

HG material? Could be! 🙂


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