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Review: Golden Spoon Yogurt

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So I accompanied my grandma to greenhills today for her shopping, and while there, I decided to try a new yogurt place. “Golden Spoon Yogurt”. I’m a  HUGE frozen yogurt fan as I love it’s sweet, tarty, milky, taste. My favorites are red mango and white hat (white hat wins as #1!).

The people there were nice enough to give me free samples of different flavors to try. It comes with a regular paper cup, and of course, a shiny plastic golden spoon. I get to try cake batter, strawberry, and chocolate caramel. Well, what do I think? It’s surprisingly salty. Yes, salty. It has a weird salty taste to ALL of the flavors I’ve tried. I’m not sure if it’s that noticeable but of all yogurts I’ve tasted, theirs is the saltiest, and the fastest to melt. It’s too watery. Lacks creaminess, and even the tart that most yogurts have. It’s almost like ice cream mixed with 0.99% yogurt. It even has an aftertastes that really sticks! Even after eating a different meal!
I would recommend this to people who are new to eating yogurt as this does not taste like it at all, it tastes like salty ice cream. (Apologies, I cant get over the salt) and I guess one of their best qualities is their variety of flavor
I got to taste it for free, but I wont rave about it. Blah. :p
Will I go back? Nope.
Score: 3/5 Spoons
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