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REVIEW: Goodal Green Tangerine Moist Serum

Hello everyone!

I am your Club Kikay Judy and I am going to give my review about Goodal Green Tangerine Moist Serum.

I, honestly, didn’t know that a green tangerine would give skin benefits. It was my first time hearing and seeing it as a skincare. If you want to know more about green tangerine and its benefits, you can read Miss Kaycee’s blogpost). ^_^

Price: P920
Description: Feel the moisturizing power of green tangerines fully charged with green vitamins.

Since the product has a label written in all Korean, I tried searching it online to give me some ideas on how to use it and its claims after or while using the product. Based on my research, it says that you use it as a moisturizer twice daily, day and night. It claims to revitalize dull skin, helps skin feel hydrated, and repair dry and rough skin. I’m assuming that this is for dry skin and I have very oily skin, so let’s see if it works on me. 🙂



The product comes in a plastic transparent bottle with a pump that looks sturdy and not breakable. I like this kind of packaging because it’s convenient to use and hygienic. From the outside, you will see that it’s green in color but when you get the product out it is just clear.



It comes out as a gel-like texture and then as you spread the product, it becomes watery and absorbs by the skin quickly.


It smells like a usual skincare. Nothing fancy. There’s no floral or fruity scent. It’s not bad and it’s not that good either, just so-so.

The product is not totally water-based because as soon as the product was absorbed by the skin, there is a slight greasy feeling. I started using it at night and I woke up looking like a grease ball. So I decided not to use it at day because, as what I have said, I have very oily skin. I only used it every night when I go to sleep for one month now not minding the grease on my face the next morning because I really want to see the effect of the product. After how many days, I have observed that my pores became less visible. Then I remembered that I am using a Korean skincare and you know what Koreans don’t have? PORES! So I thought, is this the start of having Korean-like skin? OMG! So I continued using it religiously and I started noticing that my pores are becoming less and less visible. If this is what I get from this product, I don’t mind waking up like a grease ball the next morning. Even though this product is not suitable for oily skin, the benefits it gives will still take effect so thumbs up for that. I still recommend this product so you can finally bid your pores goodbye! 😀

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