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Dara and Mario Maurer for Head and Shoulders Supreme Series with Moroccan Argan Creme

head and shoulders
head and shoulders

Head & Shoulders launches its Suprême Series with Moroccan Argan Crème for lusciously soft, luxuriously moisturized 100% dandruff free hair

Head & Shoulders Suprême Moisture shampoo and conditioner provides touchable soft and moisturized hair, intense moisture from roots to tips. A shampoo and conditioner designed to work together.


Most women think that soft and dandruff-free hair is an impossible combination to have. For the longest time, it was widely accepted that having a healthy scalp also meant living with dry hair—that anti-dandruff shampoos were harsh for your hair.

Now, all that is in the past with a scientific breakthrough from Head & Shoulders, a pioneer in scalp health development and the world’s number one anti-dandruff shampoo brand, as they launch the new premium Head & Shoulder Suprême Series Shampoo and Conditioner with Moroccan Argan Crème in the Philippines—a first of its kind.

Dara and Mario Maurer for Head and Shoulders Supreme Series with Moroccan Argan Creme

Head & Shoulders’ latest innovation fuses its scalp-to-tip know-how with brand new ingredients to create a product that answers what women want and need — beautiful, deeply moisturized, soft AND dandruff-free hair. The Head & Shoulders Suprême Series with Moroccan Argan Crème comes in two variants: Head & Shoulders Suprême Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner infused with orchid perfume; and Head & Shoulders Suprême Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner, made with honey.


Head & Shoulders Suprême blend delivers multi hair and scalp nourishment for beautiful hair that looks and feels great and a scalp that is healthy and dandruff free.


The Head & Shoulders Suprême Moisture Series has a blend of floral and fruity notes for a great scent right from opening the bottle. Its brand new packaging design includes its iconic swan-shaped shampoo bottle and never-been-see-before new tube-shaped conditioner bottle holds a lot of promise for users.


Last October 17, 2017, Head & Shoulders Suprême series was officially launched in Green Sun Hotel, Makati through an event named “Supreme 10/10 Party”. No less than global superstars, Sandara Park and Mario Maurer have graced the event donned in blue and white with healthy and moisturized hair, free from visible flakes and dandruff. Chie Filomeno, Janina Manipol, An Estrada, En Estrada, Michelle Dy, Cha Ocampo, Haley Dasovich, and Kianna Dy have been also named as the new Head and Shoulders Suprême Ambassadors. These women show everyone that lusciously soft, dandruff-free hair is now possible. Equally proud of their dandruff-free hair are fellow ambassadors Nico Bolzico and Jeron Teng.

“I’ve always wanted to keep my hair flake-free, but anti-dandruff shampoos could be harsh on the hair. I’m so happy with Head & Shoulders Suprême! It’s given me super-soft, beautiful and clean hair while leaving my scalp healthy,” said Sandara.

“I’m amazed at how my hair is so clean, without being dry and stringy. I didn’t know this was possible,” concluded Sandara.

Purchase Head & Shoulders Suprême is available in all major supermarkets, sari-sari stores, drugstores, and convenience stores nationwide, as well as on ecommerce at http://www.lazada.com.ph/head-and-shoulders-official-store/

For more information about Head & Shoulders, visit www.headandshoulders.ph and follow Head & Shoulders on Facebook.

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