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Review: HairFix Coloring Shampoo Warm Mocha

What? HairFix Hair Coloring Shampoo in Warm Mocha
Price? 69PHP
Where to buy? Watson’s
Update 01/14/2015: The color washed off after just 6 freaking days. So much for 69php LOL I guess I got what I paid for. I bought Revlon Red in 150 and used it DIY on my hair instead to fix this. Review of that soon.
After a few weeks of experimenting and making my hair pink for December, this 2015 I decided to return normcore. Well, toning down the hair color is and will be the trend for 2015. Au Naturelle! I didn’t want to spend much on hair color and watching the OOO Shopping with the Richenna Shampoo Hair Dye enticed me but it costs 1,299 for a box of 6. As I was browsing thru the hair section in Watson’s I spotted a similar product to Richenna, it’s HairFix hair coloring shampoo. There were 4 colors available (warm mocha, light blonde, auburn, and black). I chose warm mocha as it seemed to be the most natural hair color for myself.



How to Use

1. Open the packet
2. Wear the gloves included
3. Pour the “shampoo” on your hands
4. Rub on your hand to mix the formula
5. Apply evenly on to every strand of your hair like shampoo
6. Leave for 30 minutes
7. Rinse Off

Tip: I suggest NOT using a conditioner afterwards as it may cause your dye to fade sooner. Also, try NOT to shampoo your hair for 2 days so that your hair does not dry out.




The fragrance was more than tolerable, it has a floral scent similar to most shampoos. It was also a breeze to apply just make sure all your hair is soaked in the hair color suds. It has a firm foam texture and the foam does not bleed to the skin like water, it’s quite thick so a hair cap is not necessary.



These are the results the following day. My hair is shiny, and it covered all the blonde and highlighted area that’s unslightly to look at. I don’t know but for me changing how we look from time to time gives us more confidence in accepting change. From hair color or to personal issues. I must admit I change my hair color often because I’m bored with how I look and want to change my image frequently. From punk, goth, innocent, rock.  I noticed a LOT of women in the salons just before new year’s eve having their hair colored, rebonded, curled, cut.  It doesn’t mean we don’t know who we are, we just want to look different from time to time. That extra boost of external confidence makes us radiate what’s on the inside more.

What do you think about this toning down hair color as a 2015 trend? I liked how it looks on me but I’m planning to put a few highlights on the end ala-ombre so I can change it from time to time from seafoam green to fiery red or passionate purple! (Manic Panic!!)


Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.


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