What’s New? Rejuvenated Be-Skinny, Collagen Shots, and H3O Night Repair

This will be a quick and introductory post for 4 products that I will be reviewing within my Rejuvenated PH Week. I’m sure most of us would want to start the year by starting diferrent diets, fitness programs, and all over beauty and wellness. Well, me too. The holidays got the best of me and let’s say everyone else got fatter this Christmas πŸ™‚

Last month, Rejuvenated PH sent me 4 of their best-selling products to try:

  • Be-Skinny Drink Me – Their meal replacement and protein supplement
  • Be-Skinny Reset – Their capsule to pump and boost metabolism for weight loss
  • Collagen Shots – Their collagen drink
  • H3O Night Repair – A 7 day anti-aging program
I’ve finished taking the Collagen Shots and the H3O night repair because I wanted to look my best during the holidays but saved the Be-Skinny Drink Me and Be-Skinny Reset for 2015 because I know I’ll need the extra push. Especially in just 3 months, it’s going to be beach season and I want my body to be bikini beach ready! LOL
So I’ll be posting a feature on the collagen shots and night repair in a couple of days, then I’ll update you with the Be-Skinny products the following month. All good? Great! See you!
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