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REVIEW: Luna Organics Autumn Clay Blush

BWAHAHAHA I gave in to the hype again. This time it’s Luna Organics Autumn Clay Blush. Ops ops ops! Before you react don’t worry I bought mine at a 100% legit shop so I’m sure what I bought is authentic af.

Mag-ingat kayo kasi yung mga fake (ano ba yan mura na nga to ginagawan pa ng fake kaloka) they have unhygenic production houses

How much? 190php

Where to buy?

Luna Organics Autumn Clay Blush Photos & Swatches

Luna Organics Autumn Clay Blush
Luna Organics Autumn Clay Blush

Is it me or I really find the deodorant attractive handy, hygenic, and cute?

Luna Organics Autumn Clay Blush
Luna Organics Autumn Clay Blush

Surprise! It’s filled with clay blush in a beautiful terracotta color shade

Luna Organics Autumn Clay Blush
Luna Organics Autumn Clay Blush

Texture reminds me of literal playdoh albeit with a thicker texture that swipes on your skin. It smells like bubblegum by the way. I love bubblegum. I was this close to licking it HAHAHAH

Asian Beauty Blogger

Here’s what the Autumn Clay Blush looks like when applied sparingly on cheeks, eyelids, and lips.

Asian Beauty Blogger

Here’s another photo this time I applied 2 more layers on my cheeks (I’m using a different lip color)


Packaging – In a convenient deodorant-like plastic with a secure cap. You twist-up to reveal the product.

Coverage – Strong on initial application. Pigment and coverage depends on how you blend.

Texture – Creamy but you need to warm it up so it blends with your skin

Shade – A gorgeous terracotta that’s quite unique. Reminds me of cinnamon rolls, clay pots, and sun-kissed


Longevity – Lasts 3 hours max on my combination skin. Even when using a primer and finishing powder.

Thoughts – To be honest I had ZERO expectations on the Autumn Clay Blush, despite all the hype it’s been getting. But the hype is well-deserved. The color seems to blend and match flawlessly to different complexion (I tried it on my morena sister) and the muted terracotta is the perfect shade this season. It’s a flush that makes everyone who wear it 5 years younger. It’s that type of color. Will I re-purchase when I run out? Definitely.

It doesn’t last as long as I want it to, but I don’t mind retouching because the packaging makes it convenient to bring with you anywhere.






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