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4 Simple Activities to Bond with Your Kid

Here I am with motherly anxiety. With the thought that in a few years, macho kid will go into his puberty stage and on to becoming a teenager. I’m sure you’ll agree that we’ll miss their super sweet baby and kid phase. Instead of worrying, I thought of simple ways we can bond with our kid. While they’re still young (and us too).

Also I’ll be sharing this super cool website that allows you to do almost all of these activities at once!


#4 Outdoors



#2 Hugs and Cuddles



Introducing the Star Margarine Interactive Story App!

How do you get a kid to read if he/she’s not interested? Make it interactive!

Here’s one way we can make reading fun! The Star Margarine App has an interactive book where our kids can immerse themselves in the story and choose their own adventure.


  1. Simply visit
  2. Sign-up
  3. Upload your cute selfies
  4. and get ready to start your adventures!

On their website our kids get to pick whatever adventure they feel like doing. Each with different decisions to make and endings. They can also choose random for a surprise! Play Read along with your kid or help them make their choices. All up to you!

Here’s a tip: Think like a kid. Let your imagination run wild and have fun! They’re not our babies forever so let’s make the most of our remaining time!

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