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[REVIEW] PureDerm 3in1 Magic BB Cream

I promised my little sister that I would buy her a Purederm 3in1 Magic BB Cream (699.75) when we returned to Watson’s since we had no more cash when we were there haha, thanks to Purederm who sent me a gift pack!.  My sister loved it so much even
if she isnt the “makeup-type” of person, here are the reasons why:

  • It brightened and evened out her dull and uneven skintone
  • It doesnt feel as heavy as other foundations or moisturizers
  • It’s natural looking, it’s YSBB, your skin but better
  • It’s super lightly scented, you can barely even smell it
  • Being a badminton player at her school, I told her the SPF would give her protection from the sun’s harmful rays
  • Easy to blend
  • Dewy and not oily! 😉
  • A little goes a long long long way

Honestly, I gave up on thinking that BB cream actually has significant skin benefits. I tried more than 20 brands and then really gave up. Haha, only of them worked as they promised (Skinfood Mushroom, Goowoonsensang) and most of them broke me out (Legere, Missha, Skin79).

Purederm’s BB cream lacks staying power and will fade mid-day even if set with a setting powder, as seen in the pics it has a slight white cast but it looks really GREAT in person. So this is a no-no if you’re going to take pictures with flash. Compared to other BB creams, using this for a week did not break me out! Most take only a couple days and whoops! There goes another pimple.

It is really gentle to the skin.

I gave my Purederm gift to my sis! So I bought an extra tube for myself to use on my lazy days and I just want to leave looking polished.

I’m looking forward in reviewing their masks, they give instant lifts and glows! Reviews soon!

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