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Cheap (but amazing) Local Makeup Finds + Contest Winner

1. Aido Cream Powder 75php – Oh I finished 3 pans of this baby, but keep straying off to try other brands
because I get swayed by their oh so nice pacts. Their packaging sucks and it gets easily broken 🙁
It’s finely milled and gives the right amount of coverage and oil control without looking overly made up or cakey. It doesnt settle into fine lines, blurs out pores and evens out skintone that I can go out without putting foundation anymore.
Some cons to this one is it doesnt look great right after application, I have to wait for 15 minutes for everything to set as it is a bit powdery initially. The sponge also sucks, I throw it away and use my in2it sponge (they make one of the best powder sponges IMO) I hate bringing brushes with me, I even use my fingers to put everything from blushes to eyeshadow haha.

People I need your help on this one. I am looking for a nice looking compact that can fit Aido Cream Powder so that the powder will be encased sturdier and prone to less breakage.

2. EB Blush in Amethyst 100php– A bronzey pinky peachy color that when applied properly looks very neutral and can match a wide
array of looks. I started using this when I was in college when I read in GT that this was an “Orgasm” dupe. Nope this is not
this is better than orgasm. This has finer shimmers that when buffed looks nice and glowy. It lasts more than 6 hours on me
without any retouching and looks better with time.
3. EB Blush in Pink Petal 100php– This is how I wanted NARS Desire to look on me. Desire turns orangey on me and lasts only 3 hours 🙁 even if NARS’ was classier looking, and the blush has a smoother finer texture it just doesnt work. This gives me the perfect doll pink cheeks!
4. Fashion21 Dip Liner – Wins as the best liquid liner hands down. It’s waterproof smudgebudgeproof and it’s a breeze to apply because of its felt tipped-dip. It’s super black and is perfect for ulzaang makeup. To remove I simple peel it off or use good ol P&J… oops not peanutbutter and jam HAHA.. petroleum jelly!
There are a lot of great undiscovered local makeup finds that I have yet to try. I agree with people who say that it doesnt mean if it’s expensive that it’s already good. Some are REAL WASTE of hard earned money. I havent found a quality local lipstick yet most of them dry my lips severely to the point of hurting and some actually darkens em!
How about you folks? Do you have any unsung heroes you would like to share with us? Local cosmetics that are great?

Also here is our contest winner! koolasa! I will contact you within the week so that I can send your purederm goodies!


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