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REVIEW: SECRET KEY Tattoo Eyebrow Tint Pack


Do”peel-off cosmetics” really work? Are they just novelty items? I’ve been obsessed with peel-off tattoo brows. So today I’m sharing with you Secret Key’s Tattoo Eyebrow Tint Pack in #04 Ash Brown. I got the one in ash brown. My hair is usually purple and leans towards the cooler end of the spectrum. The best eyebrow shade for me is usually ash. This only costs 240php in Althea Korea.

Ingredients: Purified water, ethanol polyvinyl alcohol, dihydroxyacetone, Butylene Glycol, Polysorbate 00. panthenol, aloe vera leaf extract, soybean extract, xanthan gum, camellia seeds, tocopheryl acetate, sodium chloride, hydroxyzine . 1.2-hexan di caprylyl glycol, phenoxyethanol, W quality hexyl glycerin, Red No. 227 methane, pansaek No. 4, Blue No. 1


SECRET KEY Tattoo Eyebrow Tint Pack Review


The brush looks like a nail polish applicator. The product smells like glue. It’s more watery than Cathy Doll‘s eyebrow tattoo tint but not viscous enough to drip.


Tip: The more the merrier. To make sure your brows get the most of its pigment, apply it thickly.


Honestly speaking, you need to have precise hands to use peel-off brows like this one. Why? You need to draw em on! Either your brows already have perfect shape and you just need a dose of color. If you’re drawing from scratch, then good luck! My hands are a bit shakey but I try my best. I start of in the middle, then go thinly when I reach the edge.


Tada! Here’s the finished product. It claims to last up to 7 days. This is perfect if you’re going swimming, mountain climbing, beach. For me? It only looked perfect in 24 hours, and started to fade within day 2. By day 3 only a shadow remain. I still love it! So are they just novelty? I don’t think so! They really work!

Another beauty blogger gave it a roadtest and it lasted 9 days on here skin. Check out the photo below:



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