Review: Shinagawa Celesty Jewelry Gel

I don’t mind looking silly with a showercap
What? Shinagawa Celesty Jewelry Gel
Where to Buy? Shinagawa Aesthetics
How much does it cost? 3,200php


Placental Protein
Gold and Silver
Lactobacillus Ferment – I kept saying this is the secret ingredient of SK-II! (View my lengthy discussion on lactobacillus ferment on this page) but to summarize, it reverses and slows down skin aging significantly

Packaging and Consitency

It’s neatly packaged in a jar with a thick gel consistency. Imagine your regular gelatine. It also smells like gelatine too. Nice and sweet with a slight floral fragrance. It feels nice and solid to the touch.

However once applied, it blends easily to the face. I put a thick layer of this on as a mask. It says on the instruction to leave it on for a few minutes and then rinse it off afterwards but I prefer leaving it on overnight for maximum effect. No harm done. It is slightly sticky but I don’t mind. It’s cool on the face. I love it.


Haggard-free skin. You know how your skin looks dull and tired when you lack the needed rest and relaxation? Using this mask overnight, no matter how late you slept will still make you look fresh and youthful upon waking up. BUT!!! Please, at all costs, avoid sleeping late. Sleeping late will take its toll not only on your skin but also on your body. Naku if we can only look 18 forever! I think we can! The secret is in the Lacto-Ferrin! (This gel has loads of it!)


You can also use the Celesty Jewelry Gel on areas where you have stretch marks or sagging skin. I use this in conjunction with my Derma Needle Roller (review soon!) to minimize the unslightly sight! Ever since I gave birth it was very hard for me to wear cropped tops because I have icky saggy stretchmarked tummy. After 4 months of using the derma roller (with other creams such as L’Oreal Night Mask and ReNew) I found visible results even if minimal, I’m more confident now!

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