Review: Sofia’s Face and Body Whitening Cream (SVR)

What? Sofia’s Face and Body Whitening Cream
Where to buy?
How much does it cost? 580php with FREE SVR Whitening Soap
If you already know how much I love SVR Whitening Soap, you’d probably guess how excited I am to announce that they finally have a whitening lotion to match with their soap. Not only that, it’s more than just a body lotion. It’s a face and body cream. Yes folks, it’s gentle enough that it can be used for your face too. I’ve been using this consistently for 1 month after it’s successful launch and here’s what I think.

Sofia’s Face and Body Whitening Cream Ingredients

– Garcinia binucao or Batuan Fruit
– Kojic Acid – Coconut Oil
– SPF 20


-Skin whitening 
-Instant Skin Brightening 
-Skin Moisturizer 
-Matte Finish 
-Low PH level 
-Addresses pimples caused by fungal or bacteria 
-UVA protection


I like products that are multi-functional. I’m so happy that Sofia’s Face and Body Cream  can be used for both the face and body (ang redundant ko I know) ! It’s non-greasy and has a mousse like texture that’s easy to spread on my skin. It smells so good din, never overpowering. The smell is like a combination of soft florals and powder that gently fades in a few minutes. I don’t like lotions or soaps that have a strong scent that battles with my signature perfume

In terms of whitening, I already achieved my “maximum level” of fairness that is why to show you it works, I attached a photo at the end of this post of one of the users of the lotion. The results are astonishing! You can definitely see her skin lightened at least 3 shades fairer.

Before and After – From SVR website

Another thing I appreciate with this body cream is you’re sure you get top-notch ingredients. More actives, less fillers. It’s a bit on the pricey side but you get what you pay for. Quality. If you’re a fan of the SVR Whitening Soap, then I highly recommend this lotion!

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