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5 Way on How to Spot Fake Ray Ban Aviators

How would you know if your Ray Bans are fake? I’d rather get a cheaper but nameless brand if that’s the case.I recently ordered a pair of Ray Ban Aviators from Glasses Online since they were the ones who offered the best priced for the style that I want and they promised a hassle-free shipping and service. I was hesitant at first because on buying online you have to ensure what you’re getting is the real deal right? I want to be sure that what I’m getting are not fake Ray Ban Aviators.

So I went out and googled my way and searched how to ensure you’re raybans are authentic and not fake and there are actually 5 Simple Ways on How to Spot Fake Ray Ban Aviators. I’ll list them below for your reference

Where to buy authentic Ray-bans?

How to Spot Fake Ray Ban Aviators #1

New Ray-Ban sunglasses are packaged in a branded retail box. Check for the print, colour and image quality of the logo. Also check that the logo and font matches that of used officially by Ray-Ban. Be aware that genuine packaging can accompany counterfeit sunglasses.

How to Spot Fake Ray Ban Aviators #2

The retail box label details manufacturer information, barcode, model name, frame and lens description. Check that these details match the details of, and detailed on, the sunglasses themselves, and on any accompanying paperwork.

How to Spot Fake Ray Ban Aviators #3


Ray-Ban glasses come in a black or tan case with the Ray-Ban logo printed on the font. The inside of the case is lined in red or black.

How to Spot Fake Ray Ban Aviators #4


The Ray-Ban logo is printed on the right hand lens. Again check the size, font and clarity of the letters. The logo should not have peeled or flaked.

How to Spot Fake Ray Ban Aviators #5

The best way to spot a fake is just ensure what you’re getting is authentic. I suggest buying at the mall or reputable stores OR purchase it at Glasses Online, trust me. Their glasses , sunnies, and shades that range from a wide variety of brands, including my fave Ray Bans are truly authentic. They also offer lower prices than malls. They have lower prices because they don’t rent out space, etc etc.

My Ray Ban Shopping Experience from Glasses Online Philippines

It was really hassle-free. I just selected my chosen style, checked out, paid via credit card, entered shipping details and tada! I just waited for around a week and my pair finally arrived!! It arrived in a neatly packaged box. I got mine for around 7,000php, it’s originally priced 12,000php.









Authentic box? Check




Authentic leather case? Check

Ray Ban Logo? Check




I’ll definitely buy from them again! I’m eyeing on the Prada Baroque Glasses I keep seeing on Kryz Uy. 


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