Secrets to better wifi in the Philippines

Providing the family with a fast and reliable WiFi connection at home is a must in the digital age. Parents and kids alike need strong internet connectivity for most of their favorite activities online — from streaming and gaming to working and studying. Parents know too well that investing in a high-speed connection from leading internet service provider PLDT Home is key to a happier, better, more productive home.

However, due to a few factors including the design of one’s residence, some internet plans are not optimized enough. Homes built with multiple walls and floors can pose a problem when it comes to internet signals reaching all corners. Walls can block WiFi signals, big spaces at home can stretch these signals thin, and too many devices crowding a single WiFi connection can ultimately slow the internet down.

So, how do you make sure your home connection is maximized? Believe us, it doesn’t have to cost much! Here are some tips and tricks to help you get the speed you and your family need.

Take a speed test

First, check if you really are getting the speed you pay for. A simple way to check is by conducting an Ookla Speedtestwhich measures your upload and download speed accurately. If your connection is fast yet is not reaching all parts of the house, then you’ll need to check your router or the dual-band compatibility of your phone or laptop.

Ensure that your router is new and updated

Sometimes the main culprit for a less-than-stellar internet connection is the router itself. The router is a device that provides your home with WiFi. Keeping your router up to date ensures that your hardware is fresh and can maintain your internet connection, as older devices are more prone to breaking down. A new router will not only improve your connection, but it can also help improve the security of your connections, especially if you are thinking of building a smart home. Try calling your service provider if you’re due for a router change.

Reset your router

Sometimes, the simplest solutions are the most effective. “Did you try turning it off and on again?” applies to almost all electronics and appliances — including your router. Resetting your router can solve intermittent signals and boost your speed.

Think about where you place your router

Is your router placed optimally in your home? Router placement is key to the strength of its signal. Ensure that your router is placed in a high, open space with limited obstructions to get better speeds. Don’t place your routers on the ground as WiFi signals travel horizontally and may not reach every nook and cranny. If you have a multi-level home, try putting the router on a higher floor while ensuring that it’s not placed near dense, signal-interfering materials like brick or concrete.

Get a WiFi Mesh system

Have you done everything above but you still don’t have the speed you need? At this point, maybe it’s time to get your own WiFi Mesh system, or a set of devices that can provide uniform speeds in all corners of the home no matter how far they are from the main router.

Think of it as a relay game. The main router, which should be installed in a clear spot, connects to a series of mesh devices that in turn connect to your devices. Unlike routers, mesh devices share the same network and password, whichaltogether allows the transfer of files between gadgets, screen mirroring from your mobile phones and laptops to TVs, and top download and upload speeds even when other family members are online at the same time — streaming their favorite shows, working, attending classes, playing games, or doing video calls. In short, with a WiFi mesh system, every member of the family can do all things imagined and more.

PLDT Home, the country’s fastest fixed network as awarded by Ookla, offers the best WiFi Mesh devices to maximize your home broadband plan. Installing a mesh pair from PLDT Home gets rid of dead spots no matter the area of the home and enables family members to upload and download seamlessly and all at once.

If you are a new or existing PLDT Home subscriber, get a WiFi mesh add-on for as low as P99/month on top of your existing plan and immediately experience the fastest whole-home connections from PLDT Home.

Buy a WiFi mesh system from PLDT Home and get a chance to win a smart TV!

Here’s another win-win for PLDT Home subscribers: From June 1 to September 30, those who purchase PLDT Home WiFi Mesh units get a chance to win a 65″ Samsung Crystal UHD TV (AU7000). One subscriber wins the grand prize each month until the last day of the promo period.

To be eligible, subscribers must buy at least two (2) pieces of Tenda Nova MW6, TP Link Deco M4, or TP Link Deco M5. The winners’ names will be posted on PLDT Home’s website.

Do better at home and in life with PLDT Home’s WiFi Mesh system amplifying your home internet while leading you closer to the smart TV of your dreams.

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