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Short Bob Haircuts with Layers



When spring comes, we all start looking for a little change in our styles, and a brand new trendy hairstyle is usually the first thing that comes to mind.

A crazy cut or a new hair color sounds great… But what if you’re not ready to commit to the chop? Opt for short bob haircuts with layers, which are super cool, chic, and trendy. Moreover, they do work on all hair length and types – so there are no risks at all.

Wanna get some gorgeous layered haircut inspiration? Just scroll down and enjoy:

Short Layered Hair

Sweet or chic, sultry or sassy, anyway, short layered hair is such a versatile and stunning solution for every lady. Adding some layers is a chance to spice up your classic bob with fresh texture, enhance the thickness visually, or insert new shades of color to your favorite short haircut.

Just look how dramatically a layered haircut can change a face:


Experiment with subtle layers starting at the jawline, play with the texture to suit your face shape, your outfit, and the occasion.


Try giving a fresh twist to your smooth traditional bob hairstyle with several disheveled layers at the front.


 Layered Hairstyles

Short to medium layered hairstyles are an ideal option for ladies with naturally wavy, textured, thick hair. Layers require minimal styling but add so much movement to your hair. These hairstyles will surely inspire you to diversify your current short hairstyle:


And now look how great the layers work for medium blonde hair! The color looks much deeper add multidimensional, the texture looks so voluminous and complex, and you just look like a million bucks. Can you expect more from your hairdo?

Classy but swanky, shaggy but smooth, short but long – this short to medium layered bob hairstyle variation creates an effect of the wind in your hair and even adds some spicy flavor to your routine cut.

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Short Hairstyle in Back, Longer in Front

The most popular layered bob haircuts are short in the back and longer in the front – the tendency says. And no wonder! Because such hairstyles are the most versatile out of all bob variations. A-line haircuts can look classy, messy, chic, elegant, the work great with any hair color and any hair texture, face shape, build.

short asymmetric hairstyle like this one will make your image bright, bold, and noticeable. Especially, if adding some creative color combination, such short in back longer in front hairstyle will c

ardinally change your look and give extra confidence.


This shorter version of the hairstyle is the favorite of those classics-lovers, who wanna play with their image a little bit. No bold colors, no shocking shapes – just a light, romantic texture, and an elegant hairline that nicely emphasizes the neckline, making the female image even more feminine.


Still not sure that a short layered hairstyle is for you? Just give it a chance! Believe it or not, but this hairstyle doesn’t have any downsides except the one – you have to trim the tips from time to time to keep it sharp, edgy, and ready to kill. Go to TheHairstyledaily for more haircuts.

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