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Siargao the Movie: A Quick Spoiler-Free Review


The movie I expected was going to be another cliche. But it wasn’t. It was very raw,very real. Here are my honest to goodness thoughts on the film and why it’s one you should see in this year’s MMFF 2017

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While the characters are stereotypical they have a certain depth to them that everyone can relate to. Especially their experiences in romance, heartaches and second chances. A Vlogger, a washed-up rock singer, and a town girl.


The cinematography is top-notch that the movie breathed life and character to Siargao itself like it’s an entity in its own. It does not follow a typical template of a storyline, instead it allows you to flow with what’s happening. Like waves in the ocean. And I appreciate that it’s not your typical “love triangle”. The ending left me feeling satisfied. Like a first time surfer catching a wave.


I’m not fond of watching sappy romantic movies but I’ll make this an exception. Everyone can watch this but I highly recommend this to people who wants to do soul searching but can’t afford to travel yet. As the movie takes you places and makes you feel things.



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