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[SKINCARE] Psalmstre New Placenta Soap Review

Why does something good have to be so harsh? Let’s review another popular favorite, the Psalmstre New Placenta Soap



Can you spot the special ingredient in the soap? Look carefully. It’s the exact anti-aging component of the super expensive and popular SK-II essence.

Bacilus/Soybean/Folic acid ferment extract!


This soap has a LOT of beneficial skin care ingredients like Aloe, goat’s milk, soy protein, placenta, ferment extract and vitamin E. It actually has everything to whiten and help reverse skin aging. The catch? It’s harsh, stingy and drying. From first use it stings the skin so bad I wanted to rinse it off right away. I’m not so sure but to those who have tried this, has this also stung your sensitive parts? There’s something with their formulation that’s too strong for our skin. I suggest using this with a loofa or face towel to tone down the strength of the some and to spot-apply it on areas where you need it or where you don’t need it.
Ferment extract is the magic behind the anti-aging? Want proof? Here’s a video from SK-II on how they thought of including the ferment extract in their serum. SK-II costs around 279USD per bottle (10,000php more or less) while Psalmstre’s Placenta Soap costs less than 100php per bar that will provide you similar effects. With the exception that SK-II is gentler to the skin and has instant *bounce bounce* effect to your face. Plump, bouncy and moisturized.
It doesn’t have any fragrance but you smell all the ingredients together, nothing noticeable or to bother you.


To you ladies if you’re concerned with skin aging. However, make sure to use a good moisturizing cream and lotion afterwards.


If you find it too stingy and harsh, you can mix the soap with your favorite body wash. I recently discovered Palmolive Natural’s Moisturizing Body Wash (smells so good!) and it helped a lot in minimizing the sting and made it smell better. You do this by first rubbing the Psalmstre Soap on your loofah or sponge then pouring the body wash to mix.

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