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[What’s New?] Palmolive Naturals now in a Body Wash! I Can Feel It!

Yesterday (yes I got too excited to post!), Kikaysikat was lucky enough to partake on a special event held at The Spa Shangrila. It was the launch of Palmolive’s latest product, their body wash. Now, Palmolive always have a special place in my heart because even before their invite, I was already a fan of their shampoos and body soaps.


I used it this morning in replace of my usual whitening soap and I must say I’m impressed. I took a shower 6am, it’s already 10 and I can still feel it. Haha! Pun intended! The scent also lingers. My favorite is definitely the Milk and Cherry variant. It’s PH balanced and soap-free. I’d love to use it everyday as it gives me a very pleasurable and pampering experience every bath.
Discover a new luxuriously pampering shower
experience as Palmolive now comes in a body wash. Palmolive Naturals Body Wash
is the newest range of body care that gives moisturization and long-lasting
fragrance for a new pampering shower experience. Its formula, infused with 100%
natural ingredients, helps moisturize and care for skin to make it feel softer
and smoother. It also has captivating fragrances that are long-lasting! It is
100% soap free, pH balanced and dermatologically tested to make it suitable for
your skin.
And with softer, smoother, more desirable and
fragrant skin, you feel confident to get close anytime. So let your skin say it
all, you can feel it.


Ultra Moisture – infused with 100% natural milk proteins and olive extracts. Olive is known for conditioning your skin for that Ultra Moisture. Its rich formula will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth while its delicious scent lingers.
– infused with 100% natural milk
proteins and honey extracts. Honey is
known to deeply cleanse and moisturize your skin while it wraps you in a soft
milk & honey fragrance.
– infused with 100% natural milk
proteins and cherry blossom extracts. Cherry blossom is known to soothe and moisturize
skin with a cherry blossom aroma that lasts.
and price:
200mL bottle at ₱80 only, SRP
Availability: Leading supermarkets, drugstores, and department stores


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