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With a population estimated at 104 million, the Philippines has some startling, unpleasant statistics: nearly 24 percent of the country’s population is overweight. The Philippines specific report tabled by Asia Roundtable on Food Innovation for Improved Nutrition also states, some 5.1 percent of Pinoys are obese.

More Alarming Facts

Additionally, 57 percent of all deaths in the Philippines were due to Non Communicable Disease- notably cardiac problems, diabetes, chronic respiratory ailments and cancer. Over 27 percent Filipinos are susceptible to overweight and obesity while some 10 percent are prone to high levels of bad cholesterol. Hypertension can afflict about 25 percent of the populace while diabetes is said to affect more than five percent Pinoys, according to Philippine Council for Health Research and Development.

What This Means

Given this alarming scenario, it is imperative that Filipino women and men, as well as children engage in fitness related activities. Prohibitive costs of medical care in the Philippines makes imminent that Filipinos engage in activities that promote fitness and reduce propensity towards disease caused by sedentary lifestyle.

Hence, this is the best time for anyone to make money as fitness trainer in the Philippines.

Making Money in Fitness

Thankfully, several gyms and fitness centers of global repute flourish in the Philippines. On the flip side, most of these are located in urban centers, especially Manila and Cebu. A few are available in cities and towns popular among expatriates that opt for retirement in the Philippines. Hence, there is an urgent need for trainers that can take fitness to homes or offer them at community venues.  

To cater to the growing demand, consider expanding your qualifications and become Group Fitness certified, which will enable you to offer a broader range of fitness classes and reach a wider audience. Furthermore, this certification can enhance your career prospects in the competitive fitness industry, making you a sought-after fitness instructor.

There are three types of fitness regimes most demanded by Pinoys. You could choose any of these to make money as fitness trainer.

Personal Trainer

Traffic jams in cities and lack of adequate local public transport services provide you excellent opportunities to offer services as personal fitness trainer. Other than locals, a large number of western expatriates and retirees that call the Philippines their home look for instructors who can train them in simple yet effective fitness techniques.

Equipment for home gyms is reasonably priced in the Philippines, with most of the stuff imported from China. However, there is dearth of personal trainers that can help people properly utilize such equipment to stay fit.

To work as personal fitness trainer, it is highly recommended you take a short course from any of the international gym chains that flourish in the country. Alternatively, there are several academies that offer such courses. Certification is necessary since it lends credence to your position in the market.

Yoga Instructor

Since financial doldrums strike the Philippines with alarming alacrity, several Pinoys might find it unfeasible to invest in gear for a fairly well equipped home gym. You can circumvent this scenario by working as Yoga instructor. Though Yoga is traditionally an ancient Indian science, it is now recognized worldwide. Yoga promotes physical, mental and spiritual wellness.

Once again, there are several reputed Yoga institutes in the Philippines. Some of them are operated by veteran practitioners of the ancient technique. Learning Yoga can be fairly simple since it does not involve use of complex equipment peculiar to modern day exercises: a mat, bolster, brick, belt and chair are sufficient.

Open a small class that offers Yoga courses from your home. Alternatively, you can train people in Yoga at their homes. Since clients do not need to invest on gym equipment, you will find sufficient takers. Yoga is popular among women since it retards the ageing process.

Aerobics Coach

Going by the sheer number of beauty pageants held at schools, colleges, barangays and other institutions, staying ship-shape is a passion of most Pinay women. At the same time, thousands of Filipina women fall victim to weight related problems by consuming fat-rich food. Consequently, the once hourglass figure gradually degenerates into chubbiness.

This denigration of the fine figure can be avoided through aerobics. Indeed, several Pinays would welcome the services of a good aerobics coach to help retain that dream body throughout the years.

Aerobics involves stretching and breathing exercises that tone the body internally as well as externally. It does not require any specialized equipment. Aerobics can be performed at home. This field of fitness also opens several vistas should you be eyeing at making money as fitness trainer.

Make Fitness Videos for YouTube

Considering you are a fitness trainer, another excellent way to make money is YouTube. You can start your own YouTube channel on fitness. Nowadays, millions of people worldwide learn personal fitness, aerobics and Yoga simply by watching ‘how-to’ videos on YouTube. Simple videos with easy instructions will serve your purpose.

YouTube is extremely popular in the Philippines. Internet Service Providers in the Philippines offer high-speed connectivity at almost throwaway prices. Further, cash strapped Pinoys would also be unwilling to spend on a personal instructor. If you provide subtitles or instructions in Tagalog, you stand better chances of getting higher number of subscribers for your channel.

Making fitness videos for you YouTube channels does not cost anything. All you need is a good digital camera that also records voice and some video editing skills. Opening a YouTube channel is free. With some help you can make excellent videos. Google, the parent company of YouTube flashes advertisements during your video or while it is playing. You get paid for any adverts on that subscribers or viewers of your channel click.

OFW Fitness Trainer

A very interesting yet unknown fact about the expatriate Filipino community: gyms and fitness institutes in North America, Europe and particularly the Middle East hire Filipino women and men as fitness trainers. They draw lucrative salaries from employers and are also entitled to tips from clients. These Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) rank as highest earners in the huge expatriate community from this country.

Additionally, a thousands of Filipino fitness trainers also work as personal coaches during their spare hours to make more money- and that too in foreign currency. Lot many are deployed as fitness trainers on cruise liners or work at gyms at hotels and resorts of repute. But working as trainer means you need to maintain very high standard fitness. It is fairly easy to make money as fitness instructor provided you are willing to exert that extra effort.

In Conclusion

TV shows on ABS-CBN and GMA networks regularly highlight the importance of physical fitness. These TV channels occasionally rope in nutritionists, fitness experts or medical experts to highlight hazards of sedentary lifestyles now common to the Philippines. Hence, the groundwork to make money as fitness trainer has already been done. All it needs is your interest to work in this sector.

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