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So You Want To Travel, But Have No Money? What Should You Do?

Traveling around the world is one of the best experiences you can have in life. It exposes you to different attractions, traditions, civilizations, cultures and the best our world has to offer. Unfortunately, traveling requires a lot of preparation and financial support. Flight tickets cost a fortune not to mention accommodation, transport and food. However, travel is not only for the rich. There are various ways you can earn a trip to your favorite destination without spending your own money. All you need to do is look in the right places. Below is a brief look at how you can travel the world, despite having absolutely no money.


Start a travel blog


If you love to travel, you probably have a few things to talk about regarding different destination, flights, cuisines and traditions. The best way to share this information with the rest of the world is through a travel blog. These days, it takes less than 10 minutes to launch a blog online and you can start earning a decent income by reviewing various travel destinations, companies and services. Besides earning commission, you can be awarded bonuses and free tickets or services, especially if your blog has many followers. Since you are advertising for the travel companies and businesses, they will want to retain you as an affiliate by offering you free opportunities to use their flights, visit their accommodations or taste their fancy recipes. As a travel blog owner, you will have multiple opportunities to enjoy discounted services.


Get travel financing


If you have a job or receive steady income, traveling should not be out of reach. There are many credit institutions that offer travel financing. One example is if you are looking to travel to Norway. They offer to finance your entire trip with an affordable repayment plan and incredibly low interest rates. Simply review your options before choosing travel financing and make sure your income can sustain the monthly repayments. You can even start to pay in advance in the countdown to your travel day. Unlike payday loans, travel financing can be repaid over an extended period just like conventional bank loans and mortgages.


Find free flight tickets


Flight tickets are arguably the main reason many people give up on their travel ambitions. They are simply expensive and require one to save up for several months. Unless your paycheck has a few extra digits, you will need to find ways of earning free air tickets. Some of the readily available methods include;


  • Stacking your reward points – cash-back reward points are a great way to save up for those expensive trips you want to take come next summer. Simply find the best credit cards that offer reward points on your purchases. Whether you are filling your gas tanks or shopping for groceries, use your favorite credit card to earn those reward points. When this is done for every purchase you make, your reward points will soon be enough to pay for travel tickets, food, transportation and accommodation. You may also be the lucky winner of loyalty bonuses and/or vacation trips.


  • Get your flight bumped – it is common for popular flights to get overbooked especially during busy travelling seasons/days. Most flights tend to book extra just in case some people fail to show up early. However, when everyone shows up in time, the flight is overbooked and forced to request for volunteers that are willing to get bumped. This is usually in exchange for discounted fees or free flight on your next trip. The trick is to book a popular flight on a busy day and check in early. You can even volunteer to assist the attendants. Make sure you pack light to be a viable candidate for getting bumped.


  • Lookup travel tours, promotions and free ticket challenges – while gambling is ill-advised, participating in challenges and promotions doesn’t hurt. You may just be the lucky winner of a trip overseas. As a travel enthusiast, you should always keep an eye for new tours and promotions from travel companies.


Free food and accommodation


Once you have your flight tickets, food and accommodation are the next challenge. Fortunately, there are various ways to get free food. You can find free food sampling stands or volunteer at community centers or religious events. In many countries, volunteering to offer services in such events will be rewarded with a free meal. You can also visit a local restaurant and offer to volunteer for dishwashing, waiting and bartending services. For accommodation, simply pack a light tent. In most countries, you can set camp at the beach or park without paying any fees. Make sure you pick a safe spot. Other accommodation options include offering/volunteering for house sitting jobs, connecting with couch surfing communities or even working on an organic farm in exchange for a comfy accommodation. There are various exchange services you can offer to get free meals and accommodation.


Free local transportation


Traveling is only interesting when you get to visit your favorite destinations. For this reason, you are going to need local transportation to different towns and attractions. Hitchhiking on the road is one of the best ways to get free transportation to your destination. All you need to do is learn the unique sign for hitchhiking used in the country. You can also get hitchhiking on a boat. Visit a popular marina and ask around. You will be surprised how many people are able to travel different waters without spending a cent of their own. Another way is to use a bicycle. Find a group of cycling enthusiasts and borrow a bike or participate in their tours. These groups are quite supportive and will easily lend you one of their unused bikes to become part of the experience.

Traveling without money in your pockets may seem unattainable. However, many tour lovers have been able to visit their favorite destinations free of charge. Simply ask around and watch the web keenly for free offers in various areas of travel. Once you have travel tickets, surviving should be a less daunting task. As social beings, it should not be hard to make new friends and enjoy free treats, accommodation, food and transportation. What’s more, you can offer different services in exchange for these basic requirements. Whether it is waiting tables, ushering in guests, volunteering at a religious function or cleaning washrooms in your favorite hotel you can earn your stay and meals without spending one dollar. A travel loan can also help relieve some of the challenges you will face.


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