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Beauty on a Budget – NARS Orgasm Dupe – EB Blush in Amethyst

Are cliques a new thing now in the blogosphere? I’ve been observing several fashion, beauty, travel, lifestyle, food, basta all kinds of bloggers forming different small “groups”, “barkadas”, or “friendships”. Call me cynical but sometimes I wonder Are they really friends? or they’re just using each other for greater power. There’s a saying that There’s always power in numbers especially a group, or even a pair of women. Each and everyone brings up the other, or rather, keeps the former on the ground.

Blogger Besties, Is the label even real? Being women, they’re probably backstabbing one another and making chismis the other behind each other’s back. I heard stories. Yes I did. I thought they were really friends. Sad really. Everyone’s an opportunist in their own right.

Nagbobolahan lang ba sila? “OMG” “WOWWWW” “PRETTYY”

I bravely face the blogosphere alone. Growing up bullied, a loner, and “socially awkward”, it takes time for me to be really friends with someone. If she/he ever becomes my friend, I don’t brag about it or decide to use him/her to raise my status. I sincerely treat one as a friend and not an object for use. Some might ask me why I’m too quiet when I’m in events, or appear shy in photo-ops.  Sometimes I wonder if I should at least try to fit in. But I can’t. I really can’t. I find everything fake. Honestly speaking. Everyone is fake to one another and sometimes I want to scream because it’s too obvious! Plastics.  Coining the term from one of my favorite movie Mean Girls. PLASTIC.  It takes less than all my fingers on my hands to count how many are genuinely nice to one another.

Oh dear protect me from social media scums


So speaking of plastics, fakes, and dupes; Let’s talk about the coveted dupe of NARS Orgasm. Back when I was in college and chatting my way along a famous female forum, girls raved about a local blush that they said was the closest dupe for NARS Orgasm that’s available in the Philippines. Can you guess what it is? Well, they said Ever Bilena (EB) Blush in Amethyst is near to the real thing. From texture to color.  Let’s compare.

NARS ORGASM  (photos courtesy of

Description: Peachy Pink with Golden Shimmer
Price: 29USD






Description: None. But I think it’s a peachy-bronze with golden shimmer
Price: 100php (2.50USD)










They said it’s a dupe. I say this is better.  The color of EB Blush is more flattering for Filipinas than the NARS Orgasm. It can also double up as a bronzer if you’re more on the mestiza side. This blush lasts 5 hours even on a hot and humid day if set with a good setting powder (I currently use BYS HD Finishing Powder in Translucent). Not to mention it’s a 1/10th of the price of NARS ORGASM. I bought mine at Mercury Drug for 100php but this is readily available anywhere there’s Ever Bilena Cosmetics.

What do you think of “blogger besties”? Do you buy it? I’d like to hear what you think. If not, just tell me what you think about this blush 🙂


  • Kaycee Enerva

    Wow that is one cool find! Nars is a very good cosmetics brand but being a mom, I always have second thoughts in buying expensive brands knowing that there are more important things to consider. I am really glad that I bumped into this post and in fact own one EB blush named Raisin. I will surely check this out. Thanks for the reco! 🙂

  • Kaycee Enerva

    Awww. I know and understand what you feel. 🙁

    Finding dupes is one of the reasons why I don't splurge on makeup. I had to stop myself from getting the hyped Nars Orgasm because I believe that there is something cheaper out there that performs just like how it works. 🙂

  • Kaycee Enerva

    Hello Kat, is this blush your always wearing pag nagkikita tayo sa events? It makes your face slimmer eh. I feel you! Sadly, that's the truth in blogosphere. You'll find only few who will be true to you and accept you for who you are and not because of the blog status, ranks, perks, etc.

  • Kaycee Enerva

    I always research for dupes first before buying expensive makeups. Hahaha And this is another find! That EB blush is definitely suited for us, Pinays. I actually prefer that kind of blush. 🙂

  • Kaycee Enerva

    I don't know about blogging besties but I do know about Ever Bilena Amethyst. I don't think Orgasm and Amethyst are dupes too. But I LOVE amethyst!!! Hindi ko sya gusto on the pan, pero ang ganda nya on the face. I use it as a bronzer, as in ang ganda. It's a type of burnt orange that I really like.

  • Kaycee Enerva

    To each his/her own I guess? On both. Hehe. I used to blog a lot. Gained a number of online friends, both males and females, who were on blogger or on self-hosted WordPress then when Tumblr came along and they transferred, I didn't. They eventually gained new friends/cliques from that platform. As for me, I didn't feel the need to go with what's "uso". It was fun being in an online clique at least for a time because you get this sense of belongingness. But just like offline cliques, eventually you will drift apart and you don't get to hang out with them offline as you used to. I still get in touch with some of them despite the fact that a number of us eventually left the blogging world or no longer blog as often as before. I just started becoming more active again, blogging on a different niche. I also observed the same things that you observed but then again, sabi ko nga kanya-kanya lang. 🙂 Ang dami ko ring nakikitang mga replies na "ang ganda", "wow" when in reality, parang "Hmmm". I just let them be and try to watch out my actions.

    Anyway, I don't think the EB Amethyst is a dupe of Orgasm. I have both and they're of different quality. Color? Di rin masyado but I have to agree na mas maganda sa Morena ang EB Amethyst. Yung isa kasi parang mas maganda kung medyo fair ka kasi mas kita siya.

  • Kaycee Enerva

    Hirap kasi, karamihan din ng nasa blogosphere are girls and you know how women tend to be in cat-fights or backstabbing galore. I prefer being lie-low na lang and stay solo. What's your blog by the way I'd love to drop by.

    Amethyst is a whole different story talaga, I got it because girls were raving that it's a dupe of orgasm so I got intrigued 🙂 It's a nice blush nonetheless.

    Thanks for your comment

  • Joi

    I never knew about this dupe! Ang alam ko lang na dupe nung nars orgasm is yung elf in st. lucia, that's what I'm currently using as a bronzer 🙂 Question lang ate Kat, marami po bang shimmers 'tong EB amethyst? I'm not a fan of blush w/ lots of shimmers kasi, it emphasizes my pores >.< Imma check this one out pag napadaan ako sa watsons =)

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