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Sofia’s SVR Glutathione Soap with Kojic and Collagen Review

Hello everyone! I’m so excited to be reviewing another whitening soap for you! It’s Sofia SVR Glutathione Soap with Kojic and Collagen this time. It’s local, handmade, and all-natural. This will be the first time I will be reviewing a soap that’s produced by a smaller home-based shop. As you observe, most soaps I use can be bought at Mercury Drug, Watson’s SM, or any store in public. This time, the soap can only be bought thru on-line and resellers. I’m usually hesitant to try these kinds of soap but I read rave reviews on that I had to try it for myself! What do you think of handmade soaps?
Product: SVR Sofia Whitening Soap
Price: 100php/bar
Where to buy: and I think they have resllers




Based on the packaging, it has the following ingredients. Click the links for ingredients description.



It came neatly packaged in parchment paper. It is also sealed in plastic. Talk about sealed! Everything is lovingly tied with a blue ribbon. The soap feels special already. It has a brief description on the label and also includes the ingredients list. It smells like oats, milk, and honey. Very unique since most kojic soaps or glutathione soaps either smell like orange or melons. Homemade soap feels very special. Hmm now I wonder if this can live up to our expectations.
Yes I sniff soaps all the time

WHAT I LIKE (boy that’s long!)

  • It’s smells like a delicious oat dessert with cream and honey
  • Visible micropeeling in 3 days
  • Surprisingly doesn’t dry my skin
  • It reveals a smoother skin in a 1 week of usage
  • After the micropeeling, my skin looks at least 1 shade fairer
  • It’s cold-pressed! Meaning it retains the purity of the ingredients and it has less fillers
  • It’s only 100php/bar
  • Proudly Philippine made
  • Owned by a small local business
  • Has resellers available


Since this soap is cold-pressed, it melts easily compared to other soaps. Let’s say, safeguard. So to make this last longer for you I suggest cutting it into small cubes you can use on a daily basis.
Leave the soap for at least 3 minutes to take it’s full effect. Make sure your skin fully absorbs its whitening ingredients
Alternate this soap with a moisturizing soap like Olay Total Effects Face and Body Bar because our skin can get immune to products if we use it for a long time. That’s also the reason why I alternate and always change brands when using skin whitening products like soaps, creams, or lotions. Even on haircare like shampoo and conditioner. Change brands occassionally and you’ll be surprised how effective the product is every time you switch.
This is one for the books! I still have 2 bars in my closet and I’m looking forward to using it again because it just works! I was shocked to see my chin peeling after 3 days of usage. I was like “whutt?” It’s perfect because my skin problem now is dullness and since I’m aging, my skin doesn’t renew itself fast enough so the quick microexfoliation is a plus plus. Yes, I will buy this again. The products were sent to me for consideration but I’m willing to shell out my own money once I run out of this one.


I requested for before and after shots because since I’m already fair the difference won’t be as significant anymore. I’m actually considering halting my usage on whitening products or even resort to tanning my skin just so to whiten it again. Kidding!


These products were sent in for consideration, but that does not compromise my review. I don’t review all products sent to me only those that deserves to be featured. All my reviews are objective and non-biased.

Who among here has tried this soap? I’d like to know if it worked for you or not! Share your thoughts below


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