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Spend vs Save: Posie Tint vs Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint #2 in Pink

From the bottle, to the texture, to the shade. These 2 products are so similar except for the brush and the price! But do they give the same effect and results? Let’s test drive!



Winner here is Benefit. It looks more natural. The just-pinched pink color. Etude House’s is bordering on neon when applied too heavily.

Staying Power
Benefit beats Etude once again. Although the one from Etude House lasts long as well, it doesnt match up to the whole day last until night staying power of Benefit

Some prefer unfragranced cosmetics but the bubblegum cherry scent of the Fresh Cherry Tint is too hard to pass up. It smells so yummy I want to eat it! <3

Benefit is a lot easier to blend. It’s very creamy and gives you enough time to spread out and blend naturally. Fresh Cherry Tint dries soooo FAST! It sometimes leaves a mark if you don’t blend fast!

Although Benefit is pricier at 29USD per bottle compared to Etude House’s at around 10USD you get more bang from your buck with Benefit on every aspect.

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