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Tagaytay Day Tour Itinerary on a Budget

  1. I planned our itinerary courtesy of a lot of research work in google. With limited resources like not having a car we had to make the most out of what we have and have fun at the same time right?
I was not “driving” The Shuttle driver was out waiting for more passengers

FX Going to Tagaytay: Located at Star Mall Mandaluyong.
Price: 150php/passenger

It took a LONG LONG time for the FX to be filled up. 2 hours of waiting time. If you don’t have the patience I suggest you take the bus. However, the bus takes a different route and prone to traffic. We had a smooth straight ride in the FX it took around an hour to reach our destination.


First stop was Bag of Beans. It was the first time for us to visit here. It’s so popular among tourists that we had to check out what’s all the fuss about this dining place. After ordering the lasagna, and steak, we realized it was nothing special except for the nice ambiance!
The lasagna sauce tasted too common, and too salty. The steak was overly seasoned too. I like salty food but this one is too much! The only food I liked are their bread rolls and butter.




Oooh look at all the bees!
Visiting here was one of the highlights in our trip. We had the farm all to ourselves *evil laugh* We paid 150php to ride a cute baby albino carabao named danica. They toured us on their farm seeing all the vegetables, plants, flowers and bee farm! They sell pure honey and it tasted oh so delicious. This is different from Residence Inn with the Zoo ha. Paradizoo is located at Gen. Trias Cavite. We rode a tricycle and paid 60 pesos.










Owned by SM, this is a small “amusement” park with rides. The only thing exciting here is their Super Viking and boy did we enjoy this one! This is scarier than the Anchors Away in Enchanted Kingdom. John and I were screaming like sissies the whole time. The angle goes higher, and higher and higher. I think it reached a 90 degree angle at one point and I thought I was gonna die.



We went home at 4pm and rode a bus. Thanks to the Metro Manila Traffic we arrived 9:30PM at home. Oh dear Lord someone please fix the traffic situation at Metro Manila.


Budget: 3,000php
Fare: 600PHP – back and forth
Bag of Beans: 800PHP
Paradizoo: 500PHP – includes kalabaw ride and tour
Tagaytay Sky Ranch: 400PHP – includes vikings ride
Total: 2,300phpWe still had 700php to spare for pasalubongs like buko pie and tarts!