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Spring 2010 Beauty Trends

1. Loose buns are classy and timeless. Ponytails are also fabulous. Check out these fabulous ponytails and how to style them.

2. Rummage around for red…lipstick that is. Red lips continue to be classy for spring. Just remember to keep your eye makeup light.

3. Long lashes are big. A huge trend (and one we aren’t signing up for, thank you very much) are ‘permanent’ false lashes applied individually. They last a couple weeks and are especially big on the West Coast. Not ready to go the glued route? Layer on the mascara. Several coats should do you fine. (Don’t believe the old beauty ‘no’ that you should only apply 2 coats of mascara. That ‘don’t’ is now a ‘do’: You just can’t get lush, thick lashes with only two coats. Get 15 more tips on mascara tricks).

4. Don’t overbronze. Fake tanned skin is in again, but don’t go overboard ala ‘Dancing With the Stars’ George Hamilton. Instead, try layering your fake tan with a light tanning creme set with a tinted moisturizer or a bronzing powder. The best thing about bronzed skin? You can go light on the rest of your makeup. We love bronzed skin paired with a pink lip gloss and mascara.

5. Long wavesare still hot, while straightening irons still are not. Ironed hair has been out now for a couple seasons and it stays out for spring. Instead, opt for straight, but full hair with a few loose waves you can get via Velcro rollers or winding hair around a full-barreled curling iron. Think your hair is too long? Don’t worry, as long as you keep it trim, super long hair is in. (Have you seen Gwyneth Paltrow’s hair lately? It keeps growing and growing and growing…).

6. Spring is all about shimmer. We love the look of shimmer on eyes and cheeks, especially on tanned skin. Here’s a how-to on getting the glow.

7. Coral is not just for Floridian retirees. We are sure this comment is going to result in hate mail flooding our inbox, but isn’t it true that when you think about coral lipstick you picture a tanned, wrinkly retiree? Coral is in this spring for women of all ages. ‘O’ magazine trumps it as the perfect shade when pink feels cliched & red is just too vampy. The deal with coral is to stay away from mattes and opt instead for glosses and lipsticks that you apply with your finger (the stick itself can make the color too heavy). You want it to look as if you just ate a piece of fruit, according to ‘O’. Okay then! P.S. Coral looks especially great with a tan. And try it on your toes.

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