Beauty Blossoms in Manila with Pixy and My Pixy Makeup Review Week #GetPixyFied

Hello! How’s everyone doing? The past few days, if you’ve been following me on twitter or instagram I’ve been pretty gloomy and down lately, the reason? Most probably PMS. Too much info I know! But I know you girls can relate that when it’s our time of the month. Not to sound materialistic but sometimes, the best way to relieve ourselves from stress and depression is to prettify ourselves by dressing up, or primping with makeup!

We were invited to the exclusive launch of Pixy Cosmetics at Whitespace Manila a few weeks ago and I was so excited because it’s a Japanese makeup brand! I’m a huge fan of Japanese cosmetics because when their products really does what it claims to do. No hullabaloo. The theme was pink, cherry blossoms, and tokyo kawaii!

Kawaii means CUTE in japanese ^_^; Did I mention I learned some nihonggo a few years back?


Each invitee was given Pixy products to try placed in this cute pink bucket. Hosted by the lovely Patty Laurel, we were given a brief introduction of Pixy cosmetics.


They also had a special guest, famous makeup artist Xeng Zulueta who taught us a lot of makeup tricks we can use on a daily basis using Pixy Cosmetics.

Makeup Tips from Xeng Zulueta

  1. An atomizer is your best friend – Use an atomizer spray with water to create a more natural finish to your makeup. A final setting touch.
  2. A good 2-way foundation can take you anywhere – If you have a good foundation, you can also use it as concealer if it has good coverage. Pixy’s 2-way powder foundation actually does the trick!
  3. You can use eyeshadow as blusher – She used the wine colored eye-shadow as a blusher because her makeup set accidentally didn’t have a blusher inside. Blessing in disguise right? She’s so flexible that she used the eyeshadow as blush and actually looked so good on the model I wanted to use mine as blush too! Pixy’s eyeshadow texture is silky, fine, and well pigmented. Never chalky.








I felt like going there as a modern-day princess so I wore a chiffon tulle skirt with a vintage cropped top to give it the modern twist. You can also check out my lookbook page as I occasionally post my OOTD’s there.



PIXY is a Japanese-formulated and Indonesian-manufactured make-up line which flatters skin
tones, while infusing the same light-reflecting, skin-perfecting properties, making Japanese
cosmetics high in demand.

In each gleaming compact and sleek tube, Pixy offers the best of the ladylike “gal” trend with
a twist: it’s now affordable, wearable, and incredibly easy to do. Pixy acts as your loyal beauty
companion: each pretty pink product fits neatly in your handbag, promising to awaken your
youthful glow and creative spirit no matter where you are!

“Mandom is excited to bring Pixy here to the Philippines because we believe our purpose is
to contribute to the beautiful, healthy and pleasant living. Filipinas have an innate happiness
and natural beauty. Pixy allows women to enhance this beauty by offering quality products to
highlight their Truly Asian Beauty,” shares Hiroyuki Mitsuoka, President of Mandom Philippines.

Every woman should have a beauty philosophy that reflects their personality. With this in mind,
for their Philippine launch, Pixy designed 2 exclusive looks directly inspired by the biggest
catwalk in the world: the city of Tokyo. Are you Tokyo Kawaii or Tokyo Glam? The only way
to find out is to give each one a try! At affordable prices, you don’t have to limit your makeup
fantasies any longer. So what are you waiting for? Get PIXYfied!


Woohoo, I’m going to post a “Pixy Makeup Review Week” series on my blog where I will feature my Pixy favorites. *ehem ultimate makeupcake* *ehem eyeshadow* *ehem lipsticks* *ehem actually almost everything you see here*
Wait.. I can’t help it. There Ultimate Makeup Cake is HG material. It gives my skin a flawless smooth glow and having acidic skin, the foundation did not oxidize!!! Imagine that? No more stress on getting something “one shade lighter”

Pixy is available in Watsons and distributed by Mandom Philippines Corporation.

To know more about PIXY, visit their Facebook Page

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