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Sustainable Tourism: Cleaning the Coasts of Baler with REEF

sustainable travel baler
disclaimer: We do not own the surf board we just borrowed it for photo ops hehe ^_^

What is sustainable tourism? Sustainable tourism is the concept of visiting a place as a tourist and trying to make only a positive impact on the environment, society and economy. Tourism can involve primary transportation to the general location, local transportation, accommodations, entertainment, recreation, nourishment and shopping. (source: wikipedia)


I was coming from a recent break-up when my good blogger friend Earth ( together with ComCo invited me to join a travel event courtesy of Reef. Now being a mom, a working mom in that fact. My traveling days are limited. The first question I asked was “What are we going to do there?“. When I learned that I’m going to help out in cleaning the shorelines of Baler all I can say was “I’M IN!


Saving the enviroment is close to my heart and supporting this advocacy feels rewarding!


Sustainable Tourism: Cleaning the Coasts of Baler with REEF



Free the Sea 2 opened with a coastal clean-up and talk from WWF Philippines on sustainable tourism, a cause near and dear to Reef’s heart as it is in line with Reef’s global humanitarian outreach campaign “We Heart.”


Together with WWF, Surfari Philippines and volunteers, Reef spearheaded the coastal clean-up that aims to restore and preserve the beauty of Sabang Beach. Afterwards, guests then got to enjoy what Sabang Beach was famous for – amazing waves and surfing!


Volunteers got the chance to reconnect with nature and learn how to surf with free surfing lessons conducted by Nalu Surf Camp.


In the evening, they were also treated to laid-back beachside music with performances from Soundcloud Philippines’ Ann Clerigo, the soulful music of Banna Harbera, and an open mic show which include the turnover of Reef’s donation to WWF, amounting to P30,000, which would go towards WWF’s environmental programs.


The next day opened with even more to offer surfing enthusiasts, as they witness the Surfari Beginners’ Competition. Wherein Shan Alejos won 1st place for the Tandem category, followed by Mikaela Alde, with Joana Valencia coming in 3rd place; and in the singles category Juan Carlos Angeles, bagged the first place, with Marcus Dieter and JP Pang coming in second and third place respectively.


 The competition was followed by a festive After Party which capped the weekend.


Now I have a HUUUUUUUGE appetite! So I couldn’t help but influence my friends to join me and eat more 6 heavy meals a day because I’m always hungry and so should they! Hahaha. Here are some of the delicious feasts we had. It was a strange combination of vegetarian, and carbo overload.


Fries from Costa Pacifica – I liked how the fries were seasoned. It had salt and pepper. The peanut sauce tasted like Kare-Kare but the Kewpie Mayo was yummy


Melted Brownie from Costa Pacifica – OMG this has got to be the best melted brownie EVER. It was not too sweet but you can definitely taste the richness of the chocolate. The bananas balances everything out and the whipped cream with cherry on top adds texture and the light milky taste. The brownie is semi-cooked with a few chunks. It’s addictive. I can eat it by myself but it’s best to share. WE ORDERED THIS AGAIN THE FOLLOWING DAY AND I MISS IT ALREADY


Charlie Does – I’m usually a carnivore but the flavors at Charlie Does made me vegetarian for a day ! I had to request that they tone down the salt because the first time I ordered everything was too salty. But when they finally lessened it it was perfect! My personal favorites? The peanut butter iced coffee and their mushroom tapsilog <3


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  • Charm J

    Haven’t been to Baler but it’s on my bucket list and I plan to tick it off my list pretty soon. Not that I am bragging pero I care for the environment. Whenever I’m at a beach, namumulot talaga ako basura. Kase I think of my son and his generation, na dapat ma-enjoy din nila ang ganda ng nature kaya dapat alagaan natin yun environment. Everyone should be doing that, diba? 🙂

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