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#SwapYourLifestyle – Tomato and Swap Watch DIY Event

Well, it’s not news that you can customize your watch bands and straps but how would you feel to know that you can also customize the face of your watch, and even use loom bands as a strap! Neat! Tomato and Swap Watch just has exactly that.
Last week together with other blogger DIY events, Tomato and Swap Watch invited different celebrities and bloggers to a DIY Swap Watch event  #SwapYourLifestyle we were given the chance to make our own customized watches however we want them! Including the face print. You can even use photos from your phone as background, how cool is that?


They offered a lot of sweet treats! Yummy pretzels from Auntie Anne’s, cupcakes from 12 cupcakes, and donuts from Gavino. Goodbye flat tummy! Hello to bad carbs! Hey, it’s okay to indulge once in a while. The snacks are so yummy!




This is the “Loomies” area where you can have your very own Swap Watch in loomband form. I think this is the best type of novelty idea because loombands are so “in” right now and it brings out the creative genius in you. It’s also nice to give the straps as gift to friends or you can have your own “barkada swap watch design” ala loom.






Nope this is not my watch. I had mine in black straps with rainbow holographic background but since I had to rush of back to work I have to wait for my watch to be shipped hopefully next week




LoL I had to take a photo with my childhood crush Mike Tan. I had a crush on him back in college during his Starstruck days. I was really rooting for him to win and he did!



Shopped for a few items at Tomato thanks to their GC that is meant to be used for that day only *panic* I’m happy with what I got! I had to make an additional payment of 100php because I exceeded the 2,000 limit hehe.
It has been an exciting year for SWAP! The brand never stops from
giving you fun crazy ideas to mix and match your own SWAP combos with your everyday
outfits, on different occasions, anytime of the day! It’s SWAP, Your lifestyle!
And as we continue our journey with you, we give you the latest
offering of SWAP – the SWAP DIY (Design-It-Yourself)!  This feature allows anyone to have
their personal design or photo (hello selfies!) turned into a SWAP Watch! How
cool is that?!  For only P1000, you can
already have your personalized SWAP watch and pair it with your choice of strap
And to make your SWAP more personalized, we recently joined the
bandwagon and launched our SWAP Loom! Now you can create your own rainbow loom
strap with your designed pattern:
flipside, crisscross, pentalock, or whatever design you can. For only
P350, you can avail these SWAP straps ready for looming!
Both are exclusively available in Tomato online store,
Facebook            :
Instagram            : @swapwatch

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