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Cosmo Skin Glutathione Review

This is a throwback thursday post! Why? Because Cosmo Skin Glutathione was one of the first few brands of glutathione I tried almost 10 years ago. I started taking this back in college so yeah, you guess how old I am now. Cosmo Skin boasts a variety of effect that their glutathione formulation can provide, from removing blemishes, to preventing skin aging up to weight loss! That’s too much!

It’s quite affordable too at 1,350php for a bottle of 30 capsules. Not bad eh? The thing is, when I took this for 2 weeks, it gave me huge cystic acne. I was sure this was the culprit because I wasn’t taking anything else. While it did made my skin look more radiant and fair, I just couldn’t take the pimples anymore. Sure some people might say it’s a “detoxification” process of glutathione.

But after trying several glutathione brands already, I discovered there’s no such thing as a detox process. It’s either the formulation suits your body’s chemistry or not. Unfortunately, Cosmo Skin didn’t, but I would like to give them a second chance again since I took their gluta 10 years ago pa.

While it’s on my list of glutathione to try again, I’m praying it won’t give me acne or irritation this time. Remember readers, if any product gives you adverse reaction. STOP using it right away, your body is rejecting it.
Price of Cosmo Skin and Where to Buy?
Cosmo Skin 30’s         P1,350
Cosmo Skin 60’s         P 2,475 (Savings of P225 vs Cosmo Skin 30’s)
Cosmo Skin Elite Collagen 30’s       P680
Cosmo Skin GSE 30’s P900
Cosmo GSE 5+2 promo pack P150 (savings of P60)
Cosmo Savers Pack   P2,070 (bundle of Cosmo Skin 30’s and Cosmo GSE 30’s savings of P180)
Cosmo Beauty Savers P2,775 (bundle of Cosmo Skin 60’s and Cosmo Cee 60’s savings of P405)
Cosmo Cee 10’s        P85
Cosmo Cee 60’s        P480 (Savings of P30 vs Cosmo Cee 10’s)
Cosmo Body 60’s       P900
Cosmo Body 5’s         P86.50
Cosmo Skin Collagen Hand and Body Cream   P149
Cosmo Skin Kojic Soap                 P89
Cosmo Skin Collagen Soap           P89
Cosmo Skin Whitening Soap         P140
Cosmo Skin Exfoliant Soap            P99
Cosmo Skin Whitening Soap 2+1 Promo Pack P280   (Bundle of 2 Soap with 1 Soap Free. Savings of P140)
Euphoria Maxx for Men 2’s  P44
Euphoria Maxx for Men 30’s P645
*All Cosmo Products are available at all Watsons Outlet
and selected Southstar Drug and Rose Pharmacy outlet