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Spend vs Save: Designer Imposters by Parfums de Coeur Review!


I am a perfume enthusiast equipped with powerful olfactory senses. I can detect minute differences in scent; from the top, heart, and bottom notes. I do not judge a fragrance by its price rather by the quality of scent it produces. That’s why today we’re going to feature a surprising entry! Designer Imposters   by Parfums de Coeur (149php). Do they smell like the real deal? Continue reading to find out.

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It’s been a while since I reviewed a bottle of fragrance even if I received a few this year. Like Joe Malone’s recently defunct Blue Agava & Cacao (RIP), Sara Jessica Parker’s Lovely, and The Body Shop’s White Musk. I miss my classics Clinique Happy and Tommy Girl that reminds me so much of my highschool life.

I was browsing around a 7-11 store in Ortigas when I saw bottles of Designer Imposters. They changed the packaging a bit but still similar to the way it looked 15 years ago. It costs around 149 pesos if I can remember correctly and it might be cheaper if you buy in a department store.

My Review? It literally captures the essence of your favorite signature perfumes. Imagine your perfume but lighter (and with tons of alcohol). Don’t worry the alcohol goes away after a few seconds of spray and your skin will smell so good! Their Clinique Happy version even lasts longer than the original LOL.

Trust me. I know my scents and when I tell you they smell almost exactly the same, they really do. See the reviews of other people online:


I won’t keep you too long here. I suggest you go grab a can or two if you find one. Yes they’re so cheap I’m planning to get my hands on every fragrance dupe I can find.

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