Swatching EB Advance Supreme Lipsticks

A lady can never have enough lipstick. Aminin. Even if the shades look the same, we still purchase it because there’s the slightest ever difference in tone, texture, shimmer, brightness or whatever excuse we have to buy another lipstick! LOL I am no beauty snob and embrace every gastos possible from high-end Chanel Rouge Allure  (ay grabe it’s been 4 years since I last bought something from Chanel *clap clap*)  to the affordable Ever Bilena. Note note.. EB Advance is different from Ever Bilena. EB Advance is their classier sister. Today I will be providing you swatches for their latest lipstick collection, the EB Advance Supreme Lipsticks

EB Advance Says… Introducing the ultimate lip color to look out for – the new EB Advance Supreme Lipstick. Drench your kissers in the rich and on-trend shades of this lipstick named after famous beauty icons and unique colors. The EB Advance Supreme Lipstick comes in 6 matte and 6 crème shades infused with ingredients that condition the lips, keeping it light but still luscious-looking over your lips. A swipe of this is enough to make heads turn and create impact at a glance. 

*kaycee: cough cough… cheese 😀*

L-R: Audrey, Elizabeth, Jackie O, Red Twilight, Pink Punch

EB Advance Supreme Lipstick Swatches and Review

I prefer the creme texture vs the mattes. The mattes, although moisturizing, isn’t matte enough. If that’s the word. But that’s just me. When it comes to matte lipsticks I prefer those super crayola drying textures of MAC’s Ruby Woo or Spark Lipstick.
The cremes, however, have amazing texture and staying power it lasts 4 hours even after drinking. It’s also witty of EB Advance to name the lipsticks after famous fashion icons like Audrey Hepburn or Jackie Onasis. Their colors reflect the lipsticks’ personalities too. One thing that grinds my gears is that all shades for the cremes look too similar with each other, with tiny differences hue. All of them are MLBB Pinks when applied.
Swatches were taken on a bad skin day (when I had pimples and applying Kati Alis), no filter, under natural morning sunshine.
EB Advance Supreme Lipstick in Jackie O

EB Advance Supreme Lipstick in Audrey

EB Advance Supreme Lipstick in Elizabeth
EB Advance Supreme Lipstick in Pink Punch
EB Advance Supreme Lipstick in Red Twilight

What is EB Advance? 

Well according to them. EB Advance is the answer to the on-trend Filipinas’ makeup demand for that edgy and sophisticated look. EB Advance offers products of great quality for the face, eyes, and lips that are designed to suit the Filipina skin type and color. These products are infused with Vitamin-E, sunscreen protection, and moisturizing ingredients that conditions the skin and takes your look to a whole new level

*cough cough.. more cheese.. peace! 😀*

According to me (if you really wanna know) EB makes affordable and quality cosmetics. I recommend this brand if you’re a student, starting out, or a career woman with limited budget and cannot afford mid-range or high-end cosmetic brands. It’s from a trusted brand we’ve known for years. My favorites are their eye pencils and the jelly scented lip and cheek tint (ellen adarna’s beauty secret). I talk too much! Hahaha!

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