My Pinto Art Museum Visit

You’ve read the stories. You’ve seen the pictures. Now you just want to get there. How do I get to Pinto Art Gallery via Commute (Public Transport)? If you’re like me and John who don’t own a car yet and wants to go to this talked about museum then fret not. Here’s the simplest instructions on how to get there. Via commuting. Via Public Transport. Easy. We always commute when we travel on a budget.

Commuting to Pinto Art Museum

  1. Ride an LRT-2 and get off at Santolan Terminal Station
  2. Ride an FX or Jeepney going to Antipolo
  3. Ask the Jeepney Driver to drop you off at Ynares Sports Stadium (there’s a circle thingie so you won’t miss it)
  4. Once at Ynares Sports Stadium, ride a tricycle and tell them to get you to “Pinto Art Museum” it’s a popular tourist place so everyone knows about it already.

Tip: Stop at the subdivision proper to save 20php from their fees. You can walk naman inside and just turn to the right next corner. You won’t miss it. If you do, simply ask. 

Nearest Train Station: LRT-2-Santolan
Bus Routes: Divisoria-Antipolo; Tanay-Antipolo
FX Routes: Baras-Antipolo; Cubao-Antipolo; Makati-Antipolo; Mandaluyong-Antipolo; Marikina-Antipolo; Morong-Antipolo; Tanay-Antipolo
Jeepney Routes: Baras-Antipolo; Cubao-Antipolo; Marikina-Antipolo; Morong-Antipolo; Tanay-Antipolo


I don’t want to be a hypocrite and say that I’m one of those who’d rather not take photos when appreciating art. But as a blogger, I find that it’s my responsibility to take shots of the place, more than just self glorifying selfies. HAHAHA I saw a lot of people taking selfies with each painting I found it amusing.

 I named this piece “Slave to Time” because it’s a sun dial with a person stabbed by a sword, showing the time from above. It’s untitled so I named it 😛
This piece is called “Waiting”. Cleo and I kid that the owner of the museum is most likely emo :))
There are 4 HUGE Galleries to explore and we found that one day is not enough. We got tired after 4 hours of exploration and we only got to half of the art work.
Cleo enjoyed looking at the many plants and succulents in the gallery. The architecture of Pinto Art Gallery is an artwork itself. We even got to talk to the museum director/architect but I forgot his name. They’re still expanding. According to him. It started as a personal thing for the Dr. (owner)
The food is serviced by Peppermill it was a feast for the eyes but not so much for the tongue. We found the food too costly for it’s worth.
Fish and Chips
Servings are small.

Angus Beef Sliders
Taste is bland. I suggest you come here full as not to feel “robbed” like we were. Maybe we ordered the wrong dishes?
#pabebe #sarcastic
The famous blue chair. Of course I need to sit here. Everyone has! HAHAHAHA
Most artworks featured in the gallery are from the neophytes and new to the industry. This particular area displays art by students from UST
Initially I was staring at nude paintings but Cleo was disgusted and told me he’ll take a photo of me staring at eggs instead -_-;
Overall, Pinto Art Gallery is a nice place to go to if you want to have photoshoots, selfies, OOTD photos, or appreciate art (the most important part!) APPRECIATE ART FELLAS You don’t just take pictures of it with your phone. There were HUNDREDS of artwork in the gallery and I only managed to take a few pictures because John and I were too busy looking at them and sometimes have silly discussions on how we interpret them. But hey, if you’re happy right? This is just my 2 cents.
Have you been to Pinto Art Museum? What do you think?


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