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7 Must-Do When Visiting Florence

7 Must-Do When Visiting Florence

Florence is renowned for its culture and history.

It was established in 59 BC by Julius Caesar as a settlement for his veteran soldiers. The city is hailed as the birthplace of Renaissance art and its dialect is considered as the language of culture throughout Italy.

The city is rich in history and every year about 13 million tourists visit to explore its artistic heritage and architectural wonders.

So whenever you are visiting, here are a few ways you can revel in one of the most beautiful ancient cities in the world.

For the starter, get yourself a luxury accommodation

Yes, this should be the first on your list.

Fortunately, there a lot of luxury accommodations in Florence, but I am certain you would like the luxury hotel room of Hotel Brunelleschi.

It is conveniently located at Piazza Santa Elisabetta, a stone’s throw away from the famous shopping streets and the renowned Italian restaurants.

It offers tourists easy access to Florence’s finest scenes and unique opportunities to indulge in Florentine history in all its essence.

Next, the Florence Cathedral

I am sure you will like it.

You might not believe how much this is going to awe you until you step your feet inside.

The cathedral was designed in both the Gothic and Renaissance styles. Its construction spanned for 140 years; beginning from 1296 till 1436 when it was consecrated.

The dome was the biggest in the world until 1881 and a 463-step leads to the lantern at the top of the dome.

It is the highest point in central Florence.

Visit the Galleria dell’ Accademia

The gallery houses a lot of magnificent masterpieces of Renaissance art, but it seems every visitor was there just to have a glimpse of the nude of King David and his covetous curves.

The 17 feet tall sculpture was carved out of a single hefty block of marble by the legendary Michelangelo about 500 years ago and the work has been hugely parodied across Italy.

Whenever your miss your way to Rome, just stand close to any of the status and follow the direction of the eyes.

David was carved with the eyes looking towards Rome.

Join in celebrating St John the Baptist

Every 24th of June, festivities are held to celebrate St John in Florence. He is the patron saint of the city.

Whenever you are visiting around that period, make sure you don’t lock yourself up in your hotel room. Try to join in the celebrations.

I am certain you will enjoy the parades in historic dresses, the medieval football matches, the boat races and of course, the bonfire night.

Try not to miss the fun.

Indulge in Truffle Gnocchi

If you have not eaten the Truffle Gnocchi before, then this is an opportunity to indulge yourself in one of Florence finest meals.

It is served in a creamy sauce with Gorgonzola cheese and truffle seasoning.

This is a valuable ingredient in Florence which is reputed to add flavor to even the blandest of meals.

Luckily, you can get this meal in most of the luxury Italian restaurants in Florence.

Support the home team

Even if you are not a fan of football, it wouldn’t hurt visiting the Stadio Artemio Franchi to cheer the home team even if for less than 90 minutes.

It might not be as stunning as the 1-kilometer-long passage of the Vasari Corridor nor as historic as the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence but the exhilarating shouts of the fans are sure to thrill you.

Don’t forget the Uffizi Palace and Gallery

Yes, not for anything, especially if you are a lover of arts and history.

This gallery is located adjacent to the Piazza della Signoria and it is one of the most visited museums in the world with about 2 million visitors annually.

It hosts immense collections of Renaissance art and I am sure you won’t regret visiting it.


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