The Best Walking Shoes You Can Own – Skechers Go Walk

Are you a shopaholic? Are you the type of person who’s very active and goes around to different places a lot? Do you travel a lot? I’ve got something for you that’s even more comfortable than walking with slippers or barefoot. This is a review on Skechers Go Walk the most comfortable pair of shoes you can own (unless Skechers come up with something even better!) and how it was put to the test! 
Black or Pink? Guess what style I chose!

Skechers Go Walk Challenge

Bloggers from all over the metro were invited to a Skechers Go Walk Challenge ala Amazing Race. We had to complete 8 different challenges in 8 destinations in the Glorietta Area, Makati. We were grouped together and I belonged to Green Team! Initially, we were the slowest to start but as things got to heat up we became as competitive as ever and instead of just walking, we were running. 
Not to brag but I was the fastest runner (LOL) and the assigned photographer of the team. It was a great feeling to be running again and with shoes that made me feel like I’m stepping on mamon or marshmallow each time. No kidding. 

Liz of looking charming while hailing a cab (kuno!)

A fashion nightmare. But hey, we won!

At the end of the challenge, akalain nyo yun? We actually won! My legs and core was sore but surprisingly my feet felt okay. I wore no socks, and I got no blisters. I can even run back to the office super fast because I just went out for a lunch break to attend this activity. Hahaha! 

Why I Like Skechers Go Walk

  • It comes in a wide array of styles and colors
  • It is true to its claims! 
  • It is scientifically designed to be the most comfortable shoes for walking. With heavy research and use of the latest technology, your feet will thank you! 
  • It’s so light! I was surprised when I first held a shoe. I was like “What is this made of? It’s like lighter than my smart phone”
  • It’s antibacterial. So now you don’t need to worry about sweaty or smelly feet. You can wear this with confidence!
I won’t vouch for a product I haven’t tried, tested, and liked myself. I’m glad I was invited to this activity as I loved my new skechers pair I can wear them with anything! If you’re on the lookout for a new pair of walking shoes this year or planning to give your special someone a gift this holiday season, I definitely recommend this one. Your feet will thank you!

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