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The Perfect Body Care Cocktail for Winter

Many people abandon skincare routines and products when the colder seasons start, and this is a major mistake! We get it, you get home and just want to put some comfy clothes on and crawl into bed. Winter can really do a number on your skin and you’ve got to protect it. It can lead to flaking and dryness and this can mess up the appearance of your skin. To keep your body moist and soft, you should follow this body care cocktail routine during the winter!


Use an All-Natural Body Moisturizer

It is essential to use an all-natural body moisturizer as this will fight the dehydrating effects of the cold weather. Switching to natural products, like the Blue Lagoon body moisturizers are ideal since they are a lot safer for your skin and used with pure ingredients. With synthetic ingredients, you are likely to get adverse reactions like swelling and redness. Also, you should note that natural body moisturizers are great for the environment and will help to lower your carbon footprint.


Try to Incorporate Oil into Your Routine

You should also incorporate oils into your routine as this will maintain the hydration and nourishment levels of the skin. Oil can also protect the acid mantle of the skin, which is important for ageing! Depending on the type of skin you have, you can apply oil a few times a week, but in most cases, it’s not recommended to apply every day.


Modify Your Diet

A number of foods will give you glowing skin this winter, and you should add them to your diet. These foods include almonds, carrots, and spinach. Beverages like green tea also contain antioxidants that protect your skin from free radicals. For extra benefits, you can prepare your tea or water with lemons and honey.


Get a Buffer

Buffing your skin in winter can help keep your skin healthy and glowing. If you have dry and flaky skin, you can forego the usual exfoliations and simply scrub your face with a towel. You can make a gentle scrub with lactic acid and mild glycolic, and this should be sufficient to get rid of dead skin. With buffed skin, moisturizers and serums will be able to penetrate your skin easily.


Look for Products Filled with Anti-Oxidants

In winter, your skin will still get attacked by free radicals, and this is why you need to look for serums with anti-oxidants. The product should also be free of alcohol. When using products with anti-oxidants, you will be able to prevent the breakdown of collagen, the development of sunspots, and the creation of premature fine lines. It is advisable to first apply a vitamin C formula before adding the serum as this will further prevent damage to your skin.

Creating the perfect skincare routine for winter can be challenging at first. However, if you simply use our body care cocktail routine, you will be able to prevent your skin from becoming a flaky, dry mess this winter! It’s worth spending just 3 minutes more of your skincare routine to take care of the rest of your body.

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