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5 Things Koreans Got Right with Skin Care

Asian countries are known for beautiful skin and beauty products. Skin care treatments and innovations from countries like Korea, Thailand and Japan are known and recognized all over the world. Skin care and beauty products like Shu Uemura recognized by people from other continents like Europe and United States, as well.
Asians are renowned for skin care, and Korea is currently one of the top beauty innovators. Korean beauty products are known for their continuous development and drive to find the best possible solution for every skin problem. The quality of their products is also reflected in the beautiful skins of the patrons, but the products alone can’t take the credit.
The Koreans are very particular with skin care, and there are the many things that Koreans have gotten right about taking care of the skin. Here are some of them:

1. The fermentation process

One of the things that Koreans got right with regards to skin care is their usage of the fermentation process in their beauty products. The fermentation process is widely popular because of products like kimchi or cheese, however, that process is defined and interpreted into their skin care products.
Since fermentation aims to concentrate the amount of good nutrients in the ingredient, products that went through the fermentation process doubles like an anti-oxidant to the skin which means that there are more nutrients and less harmful toxins present.

2. The 10-step nightly skin care routine

The famous Korean 10-step skincare routine has been adopted and adapted by many beauty gurus and experts all around the world. Oil cleansing, water cleansing, exfoliating, toning, essence, serum, mask, eye cream, moisturizer and sunscreen is one 10-step routine but it entirely depends on your needs. Some people only need 1 cleansing step and opt for putting day or night cream instead of moisturizer.

3. Prioritizing skincare over highly-pigmented cosmetic products

If there is one thing that Korean makeup is known for, it’s the light pigmentation and closeness to natural beauty. Their blushes are light pink and the most colourful cosmetic product they have is possibly the lip tint, which you can also use on your cheeks. Their powder is light and you can even use a powder puff instead of a sponge.
Koreans don’t rely on heavy makeup because they want the focus to be on their impeccably-maintained skin. Due to this, most companies focus on beauty treatments and skin care over eye shadows, mascara, and other heavily-pigmented cosmetic pieces.

4. Starting the skin care training while young.

Koreans are known to be obsessed with beauty; so much so that even as children they are taught to take proper care of their skin, and they even go through great lengths to achieve their ideal skin. Some families have skin care routines that they hand down for generations, teaching their children even when they’re too young to grow pimples.
As a result, these young Koreans grow up with smooth and healthy skin that doesn’t need a lot of makeup. Aside from that, they also get used to their daily skin care routines that they no longer feel tired or lazy to do it every single day. When they have their own children, they also teach the family secrets and these children will also teach their own when the time comes.

5. Embedding skin care in their culture.

Last but definitely not the least; the Koreans got it right by inculcating skin care into their culture. Skin care is a habit that a lot of people don’t find necessary but the Koreans are a testament to the contrary. Male or female, everyone is taught the value of great-looking and healthy skin. Regardless of age or gender, their skin shines with youth and vitality.
Because of the skin care culture, Korean cosmetic companies invest heavily on research and development. They have the goal of finding the next best product or using the latest tech in achieving better looks. The cosmetic competition is so rampant that they give out so many samples and they also try to make their products as cost-effective as possible to the customers.
The more competition is available in the market, the more that these companies will try to provide the best service. After all, how can you make sure that you stand out if there are around a hundred of similar companies offering the same thing? Due to the high demand, there is a lot of room for companies to compete and fill in the supply.

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