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New Attractions at Sandbox Alviera Pampanga! (Review, Rates, Photos, NEW Directions)

Life is short. Kids grow fast. Time flies and you don’t notice they’re 30 and getting married. Make the most out of it. Bond with your kids while you can! Earlier this year we went to Pampanga’s Hot Air Balloon Festival and we had so much fun! Geof told me he wants to visit Pampanga again. That’s why when we received an invite to experience the latest attractions at Sandbox Alviera, who am I to say no? Everything (good) for my little one!

Rates, photos, latest attractions, and directions on my blog post below!

Watch Our VLOG:

Geof won’t stop talking about it for the entire week. He even told all his classmates and teachers that we’re going there for the weekend. Kaya when there was a “heavy rainfall” announcement the night before he was heartbroken. Thankfully the following morning was surprisingly sunny, because the weather can be unpredictable like that.

Sandbox Alviera

One of the first outdoor attractions of Alviera is SandBox, a two-hectare adventure destination with a unique selection of facilities that provide a memorable outdoor experience for everyone.

Sandbox Alviera Rates

Sandbox Alviera Attractions

Aerial walk challenge

A 30 minute adventure course that consists of nets and walkways. Perfect for friends or family who want to test their agility and balance! Macho kid (who’s barely 5 ft tall) and I had to skip this one! He prefers to do more risque things like the 50 ft Free-Fall Jump *see below* or the Giant Swing

Giant Swing

Macho kid enthusiastically shouted “MOM! Let’s ride the giant swing!!!!

I told myself “hehe, sure. It’s just a swing, just a bit bigger. Easy peasy!”


It’s like falling, with style. The drop made my heart stop and jop’s tummy tickled. As seen in the video. Don’t worry, the speed gets slower and height gets lower in time. So the fear-factor only lasted for the first 10 seconds. Especially during the initial lift. It was so.freaking.high.

50 Ft Free Fall

I didn’t expect Geof to say yes to this. But he actually volunteered to participate in the 50 foot Free Fall Jump. OMG you can’t imagine what’s going in my head when he told me that he wanted to go.

  • Is it safe?
  • Will he be okay?
  • How will I explain this to our grandparents?


Whew! Good thing the fall was controlled. So he descended slowly. Maybe this can be adjusted depending on your age (and courage? hehe). I promised him when we come back I’ll jump with him!

Splash Tub, is a 1,200-sqm water obstacle course that promises game-winning fun at every step and splash with your companions. Visitors can join Aqua Dash where you group into four, run through the course as fast as possible and check their time on the score board. Prizes will be given away every month.

The 11- obstacle course facility will have a Challenger course for adults that include inflatable Ball Traverse, Wreckers, Over & Under and more. The little ones will have fun too at the kiddie challenge area at Splash Tub.

A lounge pool, shower and changing areas are available for visitors.


Feel the need for speed? They also have go karts available for both kids and adults!

Macho kid was sick when we went back to Sandbox Alviera so I brought Ryan, his friends GB and Jeannie from Comedy Manila and their son Fonzy who’s Jop’s doppelganger lol

The Kart Racing is one of my favorites because of the instant adrenaline rush it gives. I’ll bring jop next time! I don’t know how to drive but the staff were very good at instructing and the place felt safe

All those activities definitely made us hungry! We went to Monster Milkshake to get kid-friendly treats like their best-selling milkshakes and hotdogs. Did you know that their shakes is 100% ice cream and no-ice. Pure creamy goodness!

Macho kid and I had the best time! This is another one for the books. Geof already wanted to come back the moment we came home. You know what I said? YES. We’ll keep going to as many adventures as we can. Sandbox Alviera’s one of the best place to have fun with your family. Even if you’re just 2 (like me and jop) or 10!

How to Go to Sandbox Pampanga?

Address: Alviera, Porac Access Rd Porac, Pampanga, Philippines 2008
Contact Details: 0917-803-3099 / (045) 432-0014

Strategically located in a leading growth region and the thriving community of Pampanga, Alviera boasts the scenic and gentle terrain of Porac that will be perfectly suited in creating a well-balanced and sustainable urban and green community. If you want to know how to go to SandBox Pampanga, the town is accessible from various points of Luzon.

  • 5 minutes away from Clark Field, Pampanga
    • Through Clark South Interchange
  • 45 minutes away from Subic
    • Via SCTEX
  • 50 minutes away from Angeles, Pampanga
    • From NLEX and Rizal St. to Angeles-Dinalupihan Road and finally, Porac Road
  • 1 hour away from San Fernando
    • From Jose Abad Santos Avenue (JASA) to Mega Dike Access Road to Porac Road
  • 1 hour away from Bataan
    • Via Angeles-Dinalupihan Road and Porac Road
  • 1.5 hours away from Quezon City
    • From NLEX to Mabalacat Interchange then, SLEX

Below is an Alviera map to determine the distance between different locations and this estate in Porac, Pampanga.

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