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Things You must Know About Insomnia Treatment


Things You must Know About Insomnia Treatment

Are you struggling to get sound sleep even when you are extremely tired or do you wake up all of a sudden in the middle of the night and then stay awake, anxiously watching your clock for the time? If the answer is a “yes” then you are suffering from a sleep disorder known as insomnia. This is a common condition that affects one in every ten adults and takes a toll on your mood, overall energy and productivity throughout the day.

But, if you don’t want to surrender yourself to those sleepless nights then the first thing that you will need is the best insomnia treatment. However, before exploring more about the treatments and their usefulness, let’s analyze insomnia and why exactly do such a large number of people suffer from this chronic condition.


What Exactly is Insomnia?

As stated earlier, insomnia can be defined as a form of sleeping disorder, where you might have trouble either staying asleep or falling asleep. Either ways, insomnia creates a lot of mental and physical distress affecting your everyday life to a large extent. This condition can be experienced in every age group and is likely to affect women more than men.

People with specific risk factors end up suffering from insomnia and these include:

  • Emotional disorders such as anxiety or depression

  • Extremely high levels of stress for a long period of time

  • Travelling to diverse time zones

  • Living a sedentary lifestyle

  • Changes in the working hours or working at night shifts

There are also certain medical complications that cause insomnia such as cardiovascular disease and obesity. Menopause is another common reason which affects sleep cycle of women over 50 years of age.

How Insomnia Begins to Affect Your Body?

Those who require insomnia treatment suffer from at least one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Feeling tried even after sleeping

  • Waking up way too early in the morning

  • Trouble staying or falling asleep

Such symptoms lead to other associated complications like mood changes, irritability, and fatigue. You may also experience difficulty in concentrating on a particular task.


When is The Right Time for Insomnia Treatment?

If you have experimented with a wide range of self-help practices and could not achieve any successful results, then schedule an appointment with a certified specialist for determining which insomnia treatment would be the right match. While doing this, do ensure that you share as much information as you can with the specialist, discuss your requirements and the expectations that you have from the treatment.

Your specialist might discuss about the various treatment options available and then evaluate which one would help you best with your symptoms.

A few popular treatments that you will come across at this stage are:

1. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

This is a psychological treatment that comprises various therapies and these are:

  • Sleep hygiene therapy

  • Relaxation therapy

  • Cognitive therapy

  • Sleep-restriction therapy

  • Stimulus control therapy

Professional emphasize on using at least one behavioral therapy in the initial stage of insomnia treatment, while multi-component therapies are recommended for individuals suffering from chronic insomnia.

2. Pharmacological Treatment

Sedative-hypotonic is another common element used for healing patients suffering from insomnia. Those who have been suffering from insomnia for a long period of time must consider this treatment under the supervision of a competent doctor.

3. Diet and Exercise

Apart from psychological and pharmacological insomnia treatment, your lifestyle matters as well. Avoid consuming high levels of caffeinated beverages in the evening and also avoid a large meal before your bedtime.

Insomnia is 100% treatable, only when you implement right insomnia treatment by understanding its possible causes, discussing your complications with a doctor, and determining how you can get rid of this state.


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