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Timeless Treasures: Choosing Exquisite Jewellery to Pass To Your Children and Create Lasting Legacies

Passing down jewellery from parent to child is an old tradition practised around the world. The owner of a jewellery piece may feel so sentimental towards it that they want to share that bond with their child or children. Passing down jewellery creates a lifetime connection between the owner/parent and the child. 

Sometimes jewellery can be passed down in a will. This is also a way of providing financial security for your child as jewellery can be a form of investment. They rarely lose their value and in some cases, like with gold, they may appreciate in value.

Heirloom jewellery holds emotional value not just to the owner but to the child the jewellery is being passed down. That emotional and sentimental connection gives a piece of heirloom jewellery its value. Heirloom jewellery can be any kind of jewellery from bracelets to necklaces to earrings. What matters is that it is classic and made of genuine materials. 

Choosing a heirloom jewellery

Choosing a heirloom jewellery is mostly a matter of heart and personal value. However, you want to make sure your pieces are timeless enough to last generations. This is a way to create a legacy for your family and bond with your child. It is important to choose top-quality genuine pieces that hold their value over time.

The design and style of the jewellery do not matter as highly because of its sentimental value. Still, it is important to choose pieces that are not trendy or a fad but timeless and classic. Trendy pieces quickly go out of style and defeat the purpose of heirloom jewellery.

You want your child born in a different generation than you to appreciate the jewellery you intend to hand down.

Gold, gemstones, diamonds, and pearls are very common with heirloom jewellery because they are timeless and do not devalue over time. 

Things to consider 

When choosing a heirloom jewellery there are some important things to consider.

Adding another layer of meaning to the heirloom jewellery will make it more sentimental to you and your child. Whether it be a life story, experience, or a significant date, it creates a deeper bond and attachment to the piece. Also, consider cultural or birth-related meanings to create more significance. 

Explore the option of making the jewellery more personal to you. You can engrave your name or initials or a quote that is meaningful to you on the jewellery. All of this increases the sentimental value of the heirloom jewellery.

Find unique ways to personalise your jewellery to tell stories about you and your family. Your child will greatly appreciate that because they get to have a piece of you with them always.

Take out insurance to protect the jewellery against theft, loss, or damage. Heirloom jewellery is almost always very expensive. Some consider it a form of investment because it has great resale value and does not lose value over time. So taking out insurance on the piece of jewellery protects your investment and ensures you have something to actually pass down.

Timeless Jewellery Pieces 

There are some jewellery pieces that are so timeless and classic that they have become permanent options to consider for heirloom jewellery. You can never go wrong with these options.

  • A gold bracelet 
  • A gold loop earring with diamonds or pearls
  • A pearl necklace
  • Classic pearl bracelet
  • Diamond studs
  • Diamond tennis bracelet or ring

Don’t be afraid to explore jewellery options that combine 2 or more of these materials. For instance, a Tahitian pearl chain bracelet with diamonds in the right design and cut makes for a piece of perfect heirloom jewellery. 

Also, consider a multi-gemstone bracelet that is classic and perfect for every outfit. You can create a charm bracelet from charms that mean something valuable to you and your family to pass down. You can never go wrong with a pearl bracelet or earrings in the right design.

Buy jewellery that aligns with your tastes more than anything. Your child wants to see what you thought was cool and nice not what everyone else thought was cool. Your personal style showing through whatever jewellery you choose is important.

Avoid jewellery made from cheap materials or base metals that tarnish and change colour. For jewellery intended to last a lifetime and be passed down to your child, it needs to age well. Always opt for cuts and shapes that are classic and timeless.

Now you feel ready to make the perfect choice of heirloom jewellery that you and your family will love. 

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